Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges Locations Guide

Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges

Just like Obsidian Forest, the Bloodsun Canyon also has 9 Crew Challenges for Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood players. In this guide, we will explain how to complete all Crew Challenges in the Blood Canyon and their locations.

Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges

Below you are going to find all of the Crew Challenges locations. There are 9 of them and each gives you additional XP and rewards.

Minosaur Skin to Win

The location for this challenge is the opposite of the “Navigate to The Hall Obsidian” objective marker. Head towards the closed-off section to the right of the map. When you reach the location there is a Minosaur waiting on top of a ledge. Kill the creature to complete the first Crew Challenge in the Bloodsun Canyon.

Sato’s Saga Journal #1

The first Sato’s Sage Journal is at the further from the Minosaur location. It is pretty much in the middle section of the map. You will have to go through a container and climb up the roof of the dome-like structure in the area. On top of the dome, you will spot the journal.

Jerrick Logan

This challenge is inside the research facility where you tried to stop the bomb from going off. Enter the facility and use the video above to reach the marker. The objective is to kill Kerrick Logan and his minions to complete this Bounty of Blood Crew Challenge.

Creature Feature

The next challenge is inside the same facility in the Accounts Unpayable section. You can have to go through a telezapper to reach this area and get the Creature Feature Reel. The exact location and route are in the video above.

Dickon Goyle Gehenna’s Most Wanted

Dickon Goyle is the easiest creature to kill. Just follow the route in the video to reach the part of the facility that takes you to Dickon Goyle. Aim for the read for critical hits and you should be able to kill it in seconds.

Caber Dowd

You need to kill Caber Dowd, the same enemy that drops you Unkempt Harold. The Caber Dowd is located at the top right isolated area of the facility. Use the video to navigate to the location and kill everything you see to complete this Crew Challenge.

Sato’s Saga Journal #2

The second journal is at the Jakobs facility, jump down right before you enter it. There is a mini bridge before you enter the main room, jump down from it to find the second Sato’s Journal.

Sato’s Cache

Head over to the marked location in the video and enter the door that has electrocuted goo outside it. There is another door on the left which is locked so can’t reach the top platform. Stand behind the green crystal and use a melee attack to break it in the direction of the door above on the platform. Once the door on the above level opens, shoot the terminal inside it to open the locked door below. Head up and open the cache.

Good Prospects

Head over to the marked location in the video and use the telezapper. You will find yourself in a platform that has a map sitting on a table to the left. Interact with the map. Fast travel to the room with the wagons we discussed on the stop the bomb mission guide. You need to carefully jump down on a ledge and interact with a terminal to open a door. Then use the jumping pad to head up only to come down again from another side that has a jump pad to push you into the door we opened. You will be thrown into the telezapper and as soon as you exit it, the cache is to your left.

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