With the launch of Bounty of Blood DLC, Gearbox has included new missions and challenges to the game. Some players are finding it challenging to open the Vestige Bank Vault in Borderlands 3 and our guide will help players with that.


How To Open Vestige Bank Vault

Opening the Vestige Bank Vault isn’t that difficult. First, players must complete the Bounty of Blood DLC. If players are starting a new game, they can jump right into the DLC by creating a level 15 character.

However, players will find it to be difficult with a character with base gear and abilities. I suggest that you level up your character a bit and then attempt to complete the DLC and then open the Vestige Bank Vault.

To open the vault, complete the main goal of the DLC and players will be given a key. Go to the Vestige Bank and open the gate behind the vault. The key is unmissable, players will get it when they defeat the villain and return to Vestige.


That is all for our Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood Guide on how to open the Vestige Bank Vault. For more on the game, also see our Jetbeast Unlock Guide and Bloodsun Canyon Crew Challenges Locations Guide.


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