Borderlands 3 Unique Weapons Locations – Rocket Launcher, Sniper, SMGs, Pistols

Borderlands 3 Unique Weapons Locations

How many weapons are there in Borderlands 3? Well, it is best that we don’t keep count of the weapons in the game. It is simply mind-bending. The best way to go about things is to locate the most unique weapons we can find. There are many unique weapons in Borderlands 3 but we will be going after the once we think are the best.

Our Borderlands 3 Unique Weapons guide will discuss where to find unique weapons, effects, and more.

Borderlands 3 Unique Weapons

Borderlands 3 unique weapons come in many shapes and forms. Each weapon has its own effect, where it spawns, Mostly the weapons are dropped by some enemy during certain missions. Whatever the same may be the following section of the Borderlands 3 unique weapons locations guide will share it all with you.

Weapon  Effect  How to Get/ Location  Type  Manufacturer 
Gettleburger  Can launch a burger  “Dynasty Diner” Quest Reward  Rocket Launcher  Torgue 
Amber Management  Anger kill increase damage by 25%, happiness kills heal  Stay peaceful during “Homeopathological”  AR  Torgue 
Chomper  Shots 6 elemental projectiles  “The Demon Dark” Quest Reward  Shotgun  Torgue 
Redistributor  Every 7th shot is amped and chains lightening to enemies nearby  “The Impending Storm” Quest Reward  SMG  Hyperion 
Null Pointer  N/A  Given by Zer0 during “Hostile Takeover”  Sniper  Hyperion 
L0V3 M4CH1N3  N/A  “Baby Dancer” Quest Reward  SMG  Hyperion 
The Two Time  N/A  ECHOnet Neutrality” Quest Reward  Sniper  Hyperion 
The Killing Word  Sonic Projectiles  Defeat Mouth Piece  Pistol  COV 
Hangin’ Chad  No ammo consumed  “Swamp Bros” Quest Reward  Pistol  COV 
Porta-Pooper 5000  Slow radiation projectile  “Porta Prison” Quest Reward  Rocket Launcher  COV 
Agonizor 1500  N/A  Agonizer 9000  Rocket Launcher  COV 
The Companion  Critical hit ignites enemies  N/A  Pistol  Jakobs 
Butt Plug  More damage when melee in the butt  Complete “Dumping on the Dumptruck” bonus objective  Pistol  Jakobs 
Dead Chamber  Reload for a random chance to shoot ricocheting round  “Malevolent Practice” Quest Reward  Pistol  Jakobs 
The Hunted  175% more damage to robots  N/A  Sniper  Jakobs 
The Hunter  175% more damage to creatures  “Wildlife Conservation” Quest Reward  Sniper  Jakobs 
Fingerbiter  Ricocheting and exploding bullets  Side with Ramsden in “On the Blood Path” quest  Shotgun  Jakobs 
Traitor’s Death  25% chance for more damage as incendiary  “Going Rogue” Quest Reward  AR  Jakobs 
Pa’s Rifle  Shock element  “Homestead pt3” Quest Reward  AR  Jakobs 
Yell  N/A  “Hostile Takeover” Quest Reward  AR  Atlas 
Soleki Protocol  Choose to ricochet bullets vertically or horizontally  “Tumorhead” Quest Reward  Sniper  Maliwan 
Crit  Slips out of hand when reloaded  Tip Maxxi  SMG  Maliwan 
E-Gone  Laserbeam  “Connonization” Quest Reward  SMG  Maliwan 
Starkiller  Shoots laser  “Space Laser-tag” Quest Reward  Pistol  Maliwan 
Sellout  Tyreen talks when using it  “Sellout” Quest Reward if you kill yourself  Pistol  Maliwan 
Shrieking Devil  Horizontal pulse  Defeat Blinding Banshee  Shotgun  Maliwan 
Brashi’s Dedication  Bullets are orbited by a projectile matching the weapon element  “Head Case” Quest Reward  Sniper  Dahl 
Kenulox  N/A  “Transaction Packed” Quest Reward  Sniper  Dahl 
Hail  Shoots arc  Ti Maxxi  AR  Dahl 
Omnilader  Reload this to reload all weapons  N/A  Pistol  Dahl 
The Leech  N/A  “Taking Flight” Quest Reward  Pistol  Vladof 
Cold Sholder  Always Cryo  “Hammerlocked” Quest Reward  Sniper  Vladof 
The Boo  N/A  Check weapon cache at the end of “Invasion of Privacy  SMG  Tediore 
Peacemonger  Rocket that splits into four smaller ones  Ratch’d Up” Quest Reward  Pistol  Atlas 

 This marks the end of our Borderlands 3 Unique weapons locations guide. If you need more help check out legendary weapons, legendary weapons farming, and SHift codes guide.