Borderlands 3 Tips And Tricks – Essentials Before Jumping In

Borderlands 3 Tips

Borderlands 3 is out now and if you are jumping into the game then here are a few tips that you should keep in mind. These tips will come in handy if you are new to the franchise. If you have played the previous games then you might be able to learn a thing or two as well.

Borderlands 3 Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that should help you along your way:

Check Your Mail

You will be notified about mail randomly or after completing quests. You can check your inbox by heading to the social menu. By doing so you can get guns and cosmetic items.

Fast Travel To Your Vehicle

In Borderlands 3, you can fast travel to designated nodes at any time but you can also fast travel to your vehicle as well. This is something that you can easily miss.

Keeping A Weak Enemy Alive

In Borderlands 3, if you die you have a chance to kill an enemy in order to come back. You can keep a weak enemy alive in order to take advantage of this feature. This can come in handy in boss fights.

Keep Shield Destroying Guns

Many enemies have shields but are low on health. If you have a shield destroying gun then you can melt these enemies.

Prioritizing Backpack SDU Purchases

This is a looter shooter and you will often find yourself out of space to pick up more loot. In order to avoid trips to the vendor every 15 minutes, you can purchase backpack SDUs.

Purchase First Tier Ammo Space SDUs

You can run out of ammo after killing mobs of enemies. In order to avoid that be sure to buy the first tier ammo space SDUs.

Equip A Variety Of Weapons

If you have different weapons then you can avoid situations in which you have no ammo left to use.

Sidequests Level Up With You

You do not have to complete all the sidequests in the area. You can complete the game and come back to complete sidequests that you did not complete. They level up with you and will match your level whether you choose to do them first or after the main campaign.

Ping Ping Ping

If you are in a party and do not have comms then you can use the ping system. Look at an enemy and press the ping button to highlight the enemy Red. Pointing the gun at an enemy and doing the same will highlight the enemy in Blue. Doing the same with a friend will highlight them Green.

You Can Duel

You can press the emote button to propose a duel.

Eridium Farming Comes Later

Eridium is scarce at the start of the game but you will find ways to get it as you progress further into the campaign. You need to be patient about it.

Hold Up On True Vault Hunter Mode

Once you are in the endgame, do not start the True Vault Hunter Mode immediately. What you should do is try the Mayhem mode. Each level increases difficulty and enemies get harder. You even get rare loot. You can easily hit the level cap with this mode and farm Guardian Rank Points. Along the way, you will also find Legendary guns and gear.

Exclusive Loot

You can sign-up for the Borderlands Insider program and earn rewards such as exclusive loot.

These are all the Borderlands 3 tips and tricks that you should know about before jumping into the game. If you are interested in learning more about the game then be sure to check out our guides on how you can unlock all the trophies and Moze builds.