Borderlands 3 Mods Guide – All Class Mods Unlock

Borderlands 3 Class Mods | Borderlands 3 Meridian Outskirts Challenges

Class Mods provide additional benefits when it comes to enhancing a character’s tool-set. These focus on upgrading the skills beyond the maximum limit in Borderlands 3. Here’s how you acquire Class Mods and unlock them.

How to Unlock Class Mods in Borderlands 3

Class Mods grant you the ability to spend points on your skills in the Skills Tree and upgrade them past the max limit. This ensures that you’ve entered the “overpowered” category as long as you continue to utilize Class Mods to boost your class-specific skills.

To unlock them, finish through the Hostile Takeover story tasks in Promethea. The conclusion is reached after you’ve managed to beat the boss enemy, Gigamind. Now you will have unlocked an inventory slot for the first Class Mod.  Class Mods are of different rarities which are indicated by the colored glow around them. The rarer a Class Mod is, the higher the bonuses it can apply to your skills.

For collecting them, keep shooting and sawing your way through hostile forces as you gather loot drops from them. Alternatively, via exploration, you may find Class Mods scattered in Golden Chests or via SHiFT codes.  Lastly, if you’re financially well-off in Borderlands 3, simply purchase them through the vending machines.

Even though a certain Class  Mod isn’t suitable for your character, you may exchange them with a friend of yours through the Social feature of the game. Otherwise, you can earn some currency units by simply selling them at a nearby vendor in Borderlands 3.

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