Borderlands 3 Eridium Crystals Guide: How To Farm Eridium Crystals

Borderlands 3 Eridium Crystals

Eridium Crystals are important in the game as it is one late-game currency and you can get them early on in the game, not very early but still. Selling them can also give you many items you need. This guide will include all the details on how to get Eridium Crystals in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 – How to get Eridium Crystals

These crystals can be found at the beginning of the game but before you can collect them you need to complete the first vault in Chapter 10. Doing so will give you the artifact the Eridium Resonator which can collect these crystals. Eridium can be found in the swamps of EDEN-6.

You can use the resonator here and collect the crystals. Go near the crystals and you will get the prompt to melee them. After you melee them they will break into little crystals fragments which you can collect or pick up from the ground.

After that, you can sell these crystals at Crazy Earl’s in the Sanctuary 3 and buy skins, emotes, heads, weapons and many more items. You can gamble a lot of your Eridium on the slot machines to get a chance of getting rare weapons. Other ways of getting these crystals are by completing challenges or by killing some anointed enemies. That is all that you need to know about farming Eridium Crystals in the game.

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