Read down below in our article to find out the locations for challenges associated with the Anvil Crew in Borderlands 3. There are multiple radios and dead Claptraps you need to find at various locations in the game.

Borderlands 3 Anvil Challenges

The challenges listed below will be encountered in a particular district of Borderlands 3. This will set a motion of different side-missions associated with the Anvil Crew and the rewards are pretty enticing as well. To complete the challenges, you’ll need to explore the regions and collect the required item/equipment.

Crimson Radio #1

Head to the location above. Ascend the containers to get to the apex and gather the radio from there.

Crimson Radio #2

At the above marker, use the sled to leap over onto the tower. From there, climb up the ledges to reach the second crimson radio.

Dead Claptrap #1

Head to the above location to retrieve the dead claptrap.

Dead Claptrap #2

Head to the above location to retrieve the dead claptrap.

Target of Opportunity

Head to the marker shown above to interact with and eliminate the target.

Typhoon Dead Drop

Refer to the location above for the drop item.

Typhoon Logs

There are a total of three logs you’ll need to collect, each one of which is situated in three distinct locations. For the first one, head to the following location in the beginning region of Anvil.

Next, proceed to the tunnel until you reach the following spot on the map.

For the third and last one, climb up the bridge that lies between the two buildings at the following location. Once you’ve reached the area, hop onto the crates to reach the final Anvil Log.

This marks the end of our Borderlands 2 Anvil Challenges Guide. If you need more help with the game check out Borderlands legendary weapons, unique weapons, and legendary weapons farming.