Blox Fruits is a popular game on Roblox that offers players a plethora of challenges and quests. One of the most sought-after quests involves spawning and defeating the mighty Leviathan to get its heart. This guide will walk you through the steps to spawn the Leviathan and provide tips to ensure your success.


Leviathan Location in Blox Fruits

The Leviathan is located near the Tiki Outpost in the Third Sea. To embark on quests in this area, players need to have reached a minimum level of 2450.

Upon reaching the Tiki Outpost, make your way to the top of the Main Building. Here, you’ll encounter an NPC named Spy. To get information about the Leviathan, you’ll need to bribe Spy with fragments you’ve collected during your adventures. Once satisfied, Spy will inform you that the Leviathan is lurking and needs to be stopped.

Before you set out on your quest to confront the Leviathan, ensure you have a team of at least five other players. The entrance to the Frozen Dimension, where the Leviathan resides, will remain closed unless you have the required number of allies for the Raid.

With your team assembled, embark on a boat journey to the Danger Level 6 area. As you navigate this region, you’ll notice several question marks appearing on your screen, indicating you’re in the vicinity of the Frozen Dimension.

The Frozen Dimension is the only known location where you can find the Leviathan. However, there’s a catch: the dimension has a cooldown time of 2 to 3 hours between spawns. Once you’re in the Frozen Dimension, approach the Frozen Watcher and engage in conversation. This will initiate the battle against the Leviathan.

How To Beat Leviathan In Blox Fruits

Be prepared for a challenging fight. If you’ve previously visited Mirage Island and interacted with the Advanced Fruit Dealer, you’ll have an idea of what to expect.

The Leviathan has multiple segments, and its main body will not take damage unless all these segments have been destroyed first. It drops various items upon defeat, including 2000 Fragments, Leviathan Heart, 3-5 Leviathan Scales, the Serpent Slayer Title, 5 Levels, and around $500,000.

  • Destroy Segments Strategically: Focus on destroying one segment at a time to obtain more Leviathan Scales.
  • Watch Out for Special Attacks: Be cautious of the red target during the battle. The Leviathan uses this to stun players with a powerful ice move, similar to the Ice V move.
  • Team Composition: It’s highly recommended to battle the Leviathan with a team of 5 or more players for the best success rate. The team should ideally consist of:
    • At least 3 Buddha users to tank hits.
    • Dough, Magma, and Venom/Blizzard/Shadow users for massive AoE attacks.
    • A Dragon/Leopard for consistent damage.
  • Fighting Styles: The recommended fighting styles to use against the Leviathan are Sharkman Karate, Death Step, Dragon Talon, and Sanguine Art.
  • Positioning: It’s advised to position your team behind the Great Tree or behind Tiki Outpost during the battle.

Rewards For Beating Leviathan

Leviathan Heart is a special drop that is used to unlock the Sanguine Art fighting style. To obtain the heart, players must hit the Leviathan with a harpoon from the Beast Hunter and then bring it back to the Tiki Outpost. The heart will despawn about a minute after being dropped if not harpooned.

After successfully defeating the Leviathan, players have the opportunity to craft the Harpoon. This unique weapon, exclusive to the Beast Hunter ship, is essential for extracting the Leviathan’s heart. If you aim to unlock the Sanguine fighting style, you’ll need this beast’s heart to progress in that questline.