Blair Witch the video game players are currently going through a very tough puzzle. Blair Witch Sawmill puzzle guide tells you how to solve this annoying puzzle to move forward in the game. The guide will help you find what you need to solve this.

The puzzle starts shortly after you make your way to the Sawmill. When you reach the area you are at Camp A, you will find a Red tape in this area, play the tape and stop around 45 seconds to enter the shed at Camp A.

Blair Witch Sawmill Puzzle

At Camp A, follow the track next to the big log that’s blocking your way. The track will take you to the Maintenance Shed. You will notice that part of the shed has been destroyed, which blocks your passage. Look for a small hole in the side of the shed which is useless. Walk to the back of this shed and peak through a window. There is a small pressure gauge on the floor, look at it and command the Bullet to fetch it for you.

Get the gauge and make your way back to Camp B. Follow the dirt path through the destroyed logs and branches up to the top. Once you reach the top you will see a big log that’s used to walk across to reach the Steam Donkey.

You’ll see that the turning wheel you need is still attached to the Steam Donkey. Add the turning wheel and pressure valve and make sure that the red tape of this area is stopped at 13 seconds to light the fire. Now, use the pressure gauge to make sure the pressure stays in the green.

This marks the end of our Blair Witch Sawmill puzzle guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Fuse Puzzle Guide.