Red Tapes are important to progress through the game as a couple of blocking paths can only be cleared and puzzles can be solved through these tapes. Our Blair Witch Red Tapes Guide will help you with all of the tapes in the game.

Blair Witch Red Tapes Camera Clues

Red Tapes that you find in Blair Witch allow you to change things in the present. This can be done to clear your path or solve a puzzle to progress through the game.

Each red tape has a scene recorded in which players need to isolate specific points in the video to change reality. Our Blair Witch Red Tapes Guide will help you with all of the red tapes and where to stop them to change reality.

Red Tape #1 – Clue

You’ll find this red tape at the camp. You need to stop the video at 0:05 and the toy police car will appear on the floor.

Red Tape #2 – Breadcrumb Trail

Once you discover the bunker bullet will help you find this red tape. Stop the footage at around 00:11 when the kid drops the baseball on the floor. After that, you’ll find the baseball outside the bunker.

Just bit furthermore from the bunker you’ll come across a fallen tree blocking your path. Watch the same video and stop it at around 00:02 and the tree will disappear.

Red Tape #3- The Amicicide

After you witness the murder, start the video and stop it at around 00:13 just before the murderer picks up the shovel. You’ll find the shovel in the present and then show it to Bullet.

Red Tape #4 – The Burial

Stop this tape at around 00:12 just before the rock is pushed down. You’ll find the rock not far from the camp.

Red Tape #5 – The Machine

This is located at the camp just before the sawmill. Stop the video at 00:45 to enter the shed in camp A. Collect all parts of the puzzle and return to Camp A and stop the tape after the fire is started. You can check out our Blair Witch Sawmill puzzle guide for more help.

Red Tape #6 – The Chase

the tape will be on the table inside the sawmill. Stop the tape around 00:25 to open the door to the large building and the door to where the victim ran to hide.

Red Tape #7 – The Ruin

Locate the door with the symbol on it, stop the tape at 00:19. This tape will again be useful inside the house to clear some debris blocking your path.

That is all for our Blair Witch Red Tapes Guide with tips on all of the clues and where to stop the tapes to progress.