Blair Witch is a great game but it does have some major bugs on PC that can spoil the experience. Here we are going to look at some of the errors that you might encounter when playing Blair Witch on PC, including the audio bug, black screen error and White tree bug.


Blair Witch PC Errors And How You Can Fix Them

The game is relatively new and the team is working on a new patch that should make most of these issues go away but in the meantime, the following are the workarounds that you can use for the different issues of the game.

Audio Bug Fixes

Disable Surround Sound: If you’re using headphones, especially with 5.1 or 7.1 audio capabilities, disabling surround sound features in Windows 10 might resolve the audio issue. You can usually find these settings in your sound card’s control panel or the Windows sound settings.

Check Speaker Output: Ensure the correct audio playback device is selected. This can be done by clicking on the speaker icon on the taskbar, then selecting the arrow next to the volume slider to see a list of audio devices connected to your computer. Choose the preferred device, like speakers or headphones.

Run the Audio Troubleshooter: Windows has a built-in audio troubleshooter that can automatically fix some common audio problems. To access it, type “audio troubleshooter” in the search bar, select “Find and fix problems with playing sound” from the results, and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, go to Start > Settings > System > Sound > Troubleshoot common sound problems.

Check Game Settings: Ensure that the sound is not turned off in the game’s settings and the correct audio playback device is selected.

Check System Mixer Volumes: Sometimes, individual applications can be muted in the system mixer. Ensure that “Blair Witch” is not muted here.

Update Drivers: Outdated or malfunctioning drivers can cause audio issues. Update your audio drivers by going to Device Manager (type it in the search box on the taskbar), expanding “Sound, video and game controllers,” right-clicking your audio device, and selecting “Update driver.” Choose to search automatically for updated driver software.

Uninstall and Reinstall Drivers: If updating doesn’t work, try uninstalling the audio driver. In Device Manager, right-click your audio device under “Sound, video and game controllers” and select “Uninstall device.” Check the box to remove the driver, then uninstall. Restart your PC, which should automatically reinstall the driver.

Use Generic Audio Driver: If the above steps don’t work, you can try using the generic audio driver that comes with Windows. In Device Manager, right-click your audio device, select “Update driver,” then “Browse my computer for drivers,” and finally “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.” Choose the generic audio driver and install it.

Black Screen When Starting New Game Fix

Change Screen Display Settings:

  • If you’re using multiple screens, try pressing “Win key + P” and change the setting to duplicate screens.
  • Start the game and go to settings. Change FPS to unlimited and set the game to not start in fullscreen.
  • Exit the game, revert your screen settings to normal using “Win key + P”.
  • Restart the game, which should now work normally.

Clean Install of Windows:

  • Perform a clean installation of Windows 10, ensuring you install the full multimedia version (not the “N” version which lacks certain media features).
  • This method is more drastic and time-consuming but has been reported to resolve the issue, especially if the current Windows installation is the “N” version. If you have the “N” version, you could first try installing the complete Windows Media Package before opting for a full system reinstall.

Another potential fix for the black screen issue in “Blair Witch” on PC involves addressing codec conflicts:

  • Uninstall Audio/Video Codecs and Players: Remove any third-party audio and video codecs as well as media players you have installed.
  • Install Windows Media Player Pack: Download and install the Windows Media Player pack from the official Microsoft website. “Blair Witch” reportedly uses Windows Media Player for its cut-scenes. If Windows Media Player is not present on the system or if other players are set as default, it may cause the game to hang during cut-scenes.

White Tree Bug Fix

The most straightforward fix for the White Tree bug is to load your most recent save file. This solution is often effective in resolving the bug, allowing you to continue playing without further issues. If you encounter the bug, simply exit to the main menu and reload your latest save.

If reloading the latest save file does not resolve the issue, another potential solution is to try loading an earlier autosave. This might take you a bit back in the game, but it can bypass the bug, allowing you to progress past the problematic area​.

Chapter 15 Bug Fix

Not being able to enter the cave is also a bug that is very rare and frustrating. The workaround is to get a save file that does not have this bug but you can also wait for the patch if you cannot get a save file.

FPS Problems Fix

If you have a G-Sync display then you can try turning V-Sync off. Other than that, the game just came out and is not very well optimized for PC. You should try using the latest drivers and if that does not help then you should wait for the official patch.

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