Blair Witch the video game is out now on PC and Xbox One. The game comes with a spooky, horror setting and a range of different puzzles. Our Blair Witch Fuse Puzzle Guide is going to explain how to solve the Fuse Puzzle.


Solving the puzzle will let you power up the batter on the truck and turn on the lights, as you are told by the voice on Radio Channel 3.

Blair Witch Fuse Puzzle

The Blair Witch Fuse puzzle is not an optional one so you need to complete it before you can progress in the game.  Once you speak with the Sherrif at the White Tree, you will find the truck in the woods along with a note asking you to turn on the lights.

When the player tries to turn on the lights its discovered that there is no power in the truck. Go out to the truck, line up the battery under the truck’s hood, and head back inside the truck to activate the fuse box under the steering wheel.

  • Step #1 – There are two fuses out in 5 and 7, both fuses have blackened glass. Take the blown fuses out of the box.
  • Step #2 – Put a 15 Amp Fuse in 1 and a 10 Amp Fuse in 2
  • Step #3 – Next Fuse, 15 Amp goes in 3, and a 10 Amp Fuse goes in 4
  • Step #4 – Now take the 20 Amp Fuse out of 6 and place it in 7

This marks the end of our Blair Witch Fuse Puzzle Guide if you need more help with the games you play check out our guides section.