In The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, Black Zemurian Ore is really important for crafting powerful weapons. If you want to get your hands on this special material, don’t worry! I’ll help you find it in the game.


But before we continue, I have to mention that I’ll be talking about some small details from the end of the game and what happens after, so if you want to keep those things a surprise, be careful reading ahead.

When you reach the end of the game, the big finale, the main characters like Rean and Lloyd and their friends have a chance to prepare themselves before going into the last challenging dungeon. This is where your search for Black Zemurian Ore really begins. While you’re exploring Crossbell for books and recipes, keep an eye out for new enemies and interesting places to explore. If you defeat these new enemies, they might drop something called Black Zemurian Ore Shards as a reward.

To create a complete piece of Black Zemurian Ore, you’ll need a total of three Black Zemurian Ore Shards. These shards can be found in specific locations during the Finale chapter. Let me shed some light on where you can unearth these valuable fragments:

  • Knox Forest Path 1 (Ginosha-Zanak)
  • Underground Freight Line (Goliath Lugh)
  • Ancient Battleground – Depths (Heidrun)
  • Moon Temple – Depths (Unsurtr Malice)
  • Stargazer’s Tower (Grunoja)
  • Lake Elm Wetlands 1 (Galliosaurus)
  • Retributive Tower 2 (Found within a red chest while playing as Lloyd)

Once you’ve completed the main story and entered the Post-Game section, a whole new world of Black Zemurian Ore awaits you. In this stage, you’ll find an abundance of Black Zemurian Ore and Shards, granting you more opportunities to obtain this coveted resource. Here’s how you can secure them:

Defeat enemies: Engage in battles and triumph over your foes to earn Black Zemurian Ore and Shards as spoils of war.

Group Mini Missions: Take part in team-based Group Mini Missions and successfully complete them to be rewarded with Black Zemurian Ore. Working together pays off!

U-Material trading: Make use of the Blazing Forge and trade in U-Material to acquire Black Zemurian Ore. Keep an eye out for this option and exchange your surplus U-Material for this precious resource.

In the Post-Game, Black Zemurian Ore becomes a regular commodity, allowing you to acquire and trade it regularly for crafting powerful weapons. So make the most of this opportunity and forge the ultimate arsenal for your chosen character!

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of where and how to obtain Black Zemurian Ore in The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, venture forth and unlock its true potential. May your path be filled with exciting battles and triumphant victories as you harness the power of this extraordinary material.