Completing the Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War zombies Firebase Z is a multi-step process. It can be completed solo if you’re up for a challenge. Successfully completing the Easter Egg will also unlock an achievement/trophy. In this Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guide, we’ve detailed all the steps needed to complete the Firebase Z Easter Egg.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg Steps

Below, you’ll find all the steps that you need to complete to solve the Easter Egg in Firebase Z:

Step #1 – Turning on the Power

To turn on the power in Firebase Z, you first need to speak with Ravenov in the Atrium who will tell you to visit Firebase Z by taking the Teleporter on the rooftop.

You’ll need to open a couple of doors to get to the rooftop and then use the Teleporter to get teleported to the Firebase Z. Once there, you’ll need to find an Aether Reactor and activate it. Activating an Aether Reactor will task you to defend a nearby Collection Unit and charge it by killing zombies near it. Once a Collection Unit has been fully charged, it’ll start to glow purple instead of blue.

You’ll need to do this a total of three times for all three Aether Reactors in the Firebase Z. One is located in the Mission Control area, one is in Military Command, and the last one is in the Data Center. Activating and successfully charging all the Collection Units will power up the entire map.

Step #2 – Activate the Pack-a-Punch

Once the power has been restored on the map, you’ll need to return to Ravenov in the Atrium by taking the Teleporter back to the village and interact with the Pack-a-Punch to activate it.

The Easter Egg hunt is currently going on. We’re continuing to add more steps as they’re discovered. Stay tuned for the most updated version. In the meanwhile, feel free to check out our other Firebase Z guides for more awesome content.

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