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BitLife The Last Resort Challenge Guide, Become An Influencer


To successfully complete the Last Resort Challenge in BitLife, players must follow a specific set of tasks that simulate the journey of becoming a top content creator on a platform like OnlyFans after a series of unconventional career choices. This challenge in BitLife, a popular life simulation game, involves a narrative where a character must rise to fame in the digital content world after being fired from a job in the adult film industry.

BitLife Last Resort Challenge Walkthrough Guide

Begin by creating a character of your choice. This character will be the protagonist of your journey through the Last Resort Challenge​​. As your character grows up, they will automatically be enrolled in school. Once they reach high school, around the age of 16, you will need to drop out. This can be done by selecting the ‘drop out’ option from the School Activities tab​​.

The next step involves pursuing a career in the adult film industry. After your character turns 18, look for a job tagged ‘adult film studio’ in the full-time jobs section. To get fired, which is the actual objective, reduce your working hours to less than 30 per week. Soon after this adjustment, your character will be dismissed from the job​​.

Following the firing, the third objective is to start an OnlyFans page. This can be done by clicking on the ‘social media’ option and selecting the OnlyFans platform from the choices under the Actions tab​​. A unique requirement of this challenge is to post foot videos on the OnlyFans page. To do this, open the OnlyFans account from the Actions tab, select ‘Post Options’, and choose ‘Foot Video’ from the list of post options. You need to post at least five such videos​​.

How To Become A Top OnlyFans Creator In BitLife

To become a top OnlyFans (OF) content creator in BitLife, the key is consistent and engaging content creation, coupled with a bit of luck. Once you’ve set up your OF page and started posting foot videos, aim for virality. In some cases, a single viral stream can dramatically boost your subscribers, as experienced in one scenario where a character quickly amassed 17,000 subscribers and ranked in the top 4%.

While a viral hit isn’t a necessity to reach the top 10%, it certainly speeds up the process. Otherwise, focus on producing a variety of videos. Over time, as you consistently create content each year, your subscriber count will naturally grow. This steady increase in followers is crucial to landing in the top 10% of OF creators, thereby completing the final task of the Last Resort Challenge in BitLife.

General Tips To Grow Your OF Audience In BitLife

  1. Focus on Looks: Having high looks stats can significantly boost your success in the adult film industry and on OnlyFans. Consider using the gym and salon options to enhance your character’s appearance.
  2. Engage with Social Media: Regularly engaging on social media platforms within the game can help increase your character’s popularity, which in turn can aid in quickly growing your OnlyFans subscriber base.
  3. Monitor Your Content Strategy: Varying your content on OnlyFans, not just limiting to foot videos, can attract a broader audience. Experiment with different types of posts to see what resonates with your virtual audience.
  4. Patience is Key: Remember, growth on platforms like OnlyFans within BitLife can be slow and steady. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see immediate results. Keep posting content consistently.
  5. React to Events: BitLife is full of random events. Reacting appropriately to these events can sometimes offer unexpected boosts to your career or public image.
  6. Take Advantage of Opportunities: If your character gets opportunities like photoshoots or guest appearances, take them. They can significantly boost your popularity and help in achieving the challenge faster.

BitLife has also introduced the Grumpmas Challenge as part of its Holiday update. If you need a walkthrough for the Grumpmas challenge, hit the link!

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