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BitLife: How To Complete Grumpmas Challenge In Minutes


The Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife is an intriguing and unique task that flips the holiday spirit on its head. This challenge requires players to embody a character that represents the antithesis of the usual holiday cheer. To successfully complete the Grumpmas Challenge, players must accomplish several specific objectives within the game. Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough to guide you through each step of this challenge.

Grumpmas Challenge Walkthrough

First. let’s go through the list objectives for the Grumpmas Challenge.

  1. Be Born a Male in Nova Scotia
  2. Insult 5+ Primary School Classmates
  3. Pirate 10+ Porches
  4. Burgle 5+ Houses
  5. Marry Someone with 80%+ Looks

Be Born a Male in Nova Scotia

To kick off the Grumpmas Challenge, your first step is to create a character who is male and is born in Nova Scotia, Canada. This can be achieved by customizing your character’s gender to male and setting their birthplace to Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia​​.

Insult 5+ Primary School Classmates

As a mischievous part of the challenge, you need to insult at least five primary school classmates. To do this, navigate to the ‘School’ section, select your primary school, attend class, and choose classmates to insult. This process needs to be repeated five times to fulfill this requirement​​.

Note: You need to wait till you turn five to be enrolled in Primary School.

Pirate 10+ Porches

Once your character reaches the age of 18, the next task is to pirate more than ten porches. This is done by going to the ‘Activities’ section, selecting ‘Crime’, and then choosing ‘Pirate Porch’. You’ll then select your targets for pirating​​. Steal 10+ packages to complete this part of the Grumpmas Challenge in BitLife.

Burgle 5+ Houses

An essential part of the Grumpmas Challenge is to engage in some virtual burglary. This involves breaking into and looting more than five houses. Head to the ‘Crime’ section again, select ‘Burglary’, and choose your victims. Remember, each burglary attempt carries the risk of getting caught and potentially facing jail time​​​​.

Marry Someone with 80%+ Looks

Lastly, you are required to marry someone with an attractiveness level of 80% or higher. To achieve this, you need to start a relationship with someone who meets this criterion by selecting their profile and asking them out. To increase the likelihood of a successful marriage proposal, maintain a high level of attractiveness (preferably 90% or higher) and cultivate the relationship through compliments, gifts, and dates​​.

You can complete this entire challenge from start to finish in roughly 20 minutes. However, if you already have a character in Primary School, who is a Canadian Male, the Grumpmas Challenge will take significantly less time to complete.

Grumpmas is not the only interesting and new challenge in BitLife, you may also want to complete The Last Resort Challenge where you must become a successful influencer.

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