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BitLife: All Astronaut Program Technical Training Answers


The journey to becoming an Astronaut in BitLife is not simple, as it requires a deep understanding of various aspects of space and astronomy. You will need to possess a broad knowledge of space-related topics to be able to complete the Technical Training. This involves a series of 46 questions that test your knowledge across various subjects related to space exploration. In this guide, we have covered all these Technical Training Answers in BitLife.

BitLife Astronaut Technical Training Answers

As stated above, the Technical Training part of the Astronaut Program in BitLife is known for its complexity, involving a series of 46 questions that test your knowledge across various topics related to astronomy. Here are all the questions alongside their answers:

Galaxy to collide with the Milky Way?Andromeda.
Spacecraft for ISS travel?Soyuz spacecraft.
Robotic arm used by astronauts?Canadarm.
Force counteracting Thrust in flight?Drag.
Tool for collecting moon samples?Rock Hammer.
Force for Earth’s orbit around the Sun?Sun’s gravitational pull.
First person on the Moon?Neil Armstrong.
Common rocket propellant?Liquid Hydrogen.
LEO acronym meaning?Low-Earth Orbit.
Speed of light?300 million meters per second.
Machine simulating gravity on body?Centrifuge.
Planet with the Great Red Spot?Jupiter.
Astronauts who walked on the Moon?12.
Rocket’s protective layer during re-entry?Heat shield.
Travel time from Earth to Moon?Three days.
Purpose of solar panels on satellites?To power the satellite.
Point of no escape in a black hole?Event horizon.
Engine for spacecraft maneuvering?Maneuvering Thrusters.
Reflective glass on astronaut’s suit?Visor.
Time for Sun’s light to reach Earth?About 8 minutes.
Telescope inventor?Hans Lippershey.
Method keeping astronauts in place in zero gravity?Velcro.
Purpose of rocket’s nose cone?Reduce air resistance.
Term for left and right plane movement?Yaw.
Hottest planet in the solar system?Venus.
Name of Earth’s moon?Moon.
Spacewalk astronaut tethering method?Tether system.
Instrument measuring air mix in spacecraft?Oxygen sensor.
Stars’ primary fuel gas?Hydrogen.
First mammal in space?A Dog.
Astronaut’s maximum absorbency garment?Diaper.
Number of Earths fitting inside the Sun?One million.
ISS orbit time around Earth?90 minutes.
Rocket payload?Cargo taken into space.
1969 Moon Landing location?The Sea of Tranquility.
Light-year measure?Distance light travels in a year.
Earth’s revolution around the Sun?Once every 365 days.
Earth’s age?About 4.5 billion years.
Astronaut’s oxygen and CO2 regulation device?Liquid Cooling & Ventilation Garment.
Meteorite definition?Rock from space that hits Earth.
Function of maneuvering thrusters in space?Adjust spacecraft trajectory.
Rocket engine used for trajectory adjustment?Maneuvering thrusters.
What a Meteorite is?Rock from space that hits Earth.
Planet with the highest temperature?Venus.
Pattern of stars?Constellation.
What stars are fueled by?Nuclear fusion of Hydrogen.

These are all the Astronaut Technical Training Answers in BitLife. If there is anything else that you would like to know, be sure to let us know in the comments down below

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