Biostar had already confirmed that the Z490 series motherboards would be announced today but the racing series motherboards have been leaked in advance. You can check them out here. Along with the high-end Z490, the mid-range B460 and entry-level H410 motherboards from Biostar have also been leaked.

The Asus ROG Maximus XII Apex Z490 along with the Z490 ProArt Creator 10G have also been leaked. MSI Z490 MEG Unify motherboard models have also been leaked.

Biostar Z490, B460, H410 Motherboards

You can check out the leaked Biostar Z490, B460, H410 Motherboards below:

Racing Z490 GTA

This is not going to be the top of the line model but it is going to be one of the high-end motherboards that Biostar has to offer. It should come with all the bells and whistles and it seems to come with Wi-Fi as well.

Biostar Racing Z490 GTA Motherboard


This is not a Z series motherboard and you can tell because it does not have the armor and the looks. This is going to be an entry-level motherboard that you can pick up if you are on a budget. The board does not support overclocking either.


Racing B460 GTQ 

The B460 series is for the mid-range consumer. This is a mini ATX board, so you only get a single PCIe slot. This can come in handy if you are interested in building a relatively smaller PC. It comes with RGB lighting and M.2 support as well.

Racing B460 GTA

This motherboard is similar to the above one but this is an ATX form factor. That means additional PCIe slot and M.2 support.

Racing B460 GTA Racing Z490 GTN

The Racing Z490 GTN is a high-end motherboard that will support overclocking but it is available in the ITX form factor. If you are interested in building a small form factor PC then this is something that you can opt for.

Racing Z490 GTN


Racing Z390 GTA Evo

Here we have yet another Z490 motherboard from Biostar and this one seems to be the top of the line model that the company is going to offer. It can also be found at the front of their marketing to it does makes sense. You can check out the marketing material below:

Biostar Z490 Motherboards

Let us know what you think about these Biostar Z490 Motherboards and whether or not you are interested in upgrading to Intel 10th generation.

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