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Biomutant Vehicles Guide – How to Get, Upgrades


Vehicles in Biomutant are kind of like mounts but with added utilities. These include traversing through contaminated water, DZs, etc. On top of that, some of the vehicles in the game can be good against certain bosses. For instance, Mekton is pretty good against Jumbo Puff. In this Biomutant guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about all the vehicles in Biomutant, upgrades, and how to get them.

Biomutant Vehicles

Vehicles in Biomutant can be called at any time. However, some of them are restricted to certain zones. Some of them can also be upgraded but usually require a lot of legwork. The following is an overview of all the vehicles in the game:


The first vehicle in Biomutant is unlocked after completing the Gizmo’s main questline. It’s got a lot of upgrades that require players to find Mekton Wrekbox. There are a lot of features of Mekton. It can clear oil fields, provides immunity against Hypoxia, is useable against the Jumbo Puff, etc.


To get Googlide in the game, players will need to complete Goop main quest. It allows players to traverse contaminated water, drag objects, and is incredible to use against the Porky Puff.


Completing the Whiz questline from Whiz unlocks this vehicle in Biomutant. This simply works as a normal mount but with a couple of unique attacks.

Pee-Wee Gargantua

Completing the Gill optional quest unlocks the Pee-Wee Gargantua. Once unlocked, it lets the players traverse through all kinds of water bodies and makes them immune to contaminated water.


This is unlocked from the optional quest named Pebble. Batnam-Nam essentially works as a glider that lets the players cover great distances. It can also be used as a normal/flying mount.


To get the Gullblimp, players will need to complete the optional quest named Lobo. It lets players fly through the Kluppy Dunes.


This one is unlocked after completing Whiz main quest. It allows players to submerge underwater to fight the Mark Puff.

These are all the vehicles in Biomutant. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides.

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