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Biomutant Special Weapon Abilities Guide


Weapons in Biomutant have special abilities that help increase damage and add additional features to them. Weapon special abilities can be melee and ranged depending on the type of weapon you are using. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Biomutant Special Weapon Abilities.

Biomutant Special Weapon Abilities

There are over 20 special weapon abilities in Biomutant divided into melee and ranged abilities.

Ranged Special Abilties

  • Split: Makes the projectile cause damage when it enters and exits, and then continues up iits maxium range.
  • Drawn Out: Reloads a bullet every other shot fired.
  • Missile Cloud: Tracking missles that explode on impact every four shot.
  • Saw Blades: Fire saw blades that pierces through targets.
  • Speeded: Reload the weapon after getting a kill with said weapon.
  • Dynamo: Damage increases by 10% after the projectiles travels every 4m.
  • Clusterbombs: Spawns a bunch of Clusterbombs.
  • Conduit: Get additional bullets with special properties.
  • Final Round: Final shot will stagger the enemy. The effect is reset after magazine reload.
  • Precise: Bullet spread redused to 0 degrees.
  • Autogear: Hold down the trigger to fire weapon at full-auto.
  • Momentum: Rate of fire increased by 10% for each fired bullet.
  • Overflow: +50% magazine capacity.
  • Burst Module: Burstfire enabled, bullet count per shot increased by 2.

Melee Weapon Abilities

  • Wired: Parry melee attacks to regenerate 20% Ki-Energy.
  • Remedy: Enemy kills heal for double the damage inflicted.
  • Prime: Armor score increased by 2% for every 10 Vitality.
  • Bump: Smaller enemies are knocked down instantly.
  • Riposte: After being hit by an enemy, your weapon damage doubles.
  • Overpowered: For every 10 units of Strength, weapon damage is increased by 2%.

And that’s the complete list of Ranged and Melee weapons abilities. Need more help? Teddy Suit, Mech Mekton, fast travling, Coldzone Suit.

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