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Biomutant Psi-Powers Guide – How to Unlock, Effects

Psi-powers in Biomutant are mutation-based abilities that require Psi Points to unlock. In order to get these abilities, players need to progress through the campaign, activate Shrines, and speak to NPCs. Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that some abilities also require a certain Aura score. In this guide, we’ve shared a complete list of Psi-Powers, their cost, and how to use them in Biomutant.

Biomutant Psi-Powers

Psi-Powers in the game must be assigned to an input in order to use them in battle. Most of them are pretty powerful for raw damage, crowd-control, and even movement. In the table below, we’ve provided an overview of all the Psi-Powers in Biomutant, their cost, and effects:

Psi-Power How to Unlock Effects
Blaze 2 Psi Points The character leaps forward and leaves behind a trail of fire that damages enemies.
Blink 2 Psi Points It lets the character teleport forward in the direction it’s facing and also create a shockwave the destination location.
Sizzle Ball 10 Dark Aura, 4 Psi Points It lets players throw a ball in the direction being faced. If hit, the ball deals damage to the enemies.
Freeze 10 Light Aura, 6 Psi Points Enemies hit by the Freeze take cold damage. On top of that, the ground becomes slippery, resulting enemies unable to stand on it. A pretty fun Psi-power to use in general.
Spark Ball Psi-Freak This Psi-power is specific to the Psi-Freak class in the game. It lets players hurl a lightning ball at a target that deals a good amount of damage.
Levitate 20 Light Aura, 10 Psi Points It allows players to use abilities and weapons while levitating.
Telekinesis 20 Dark Aura, 10 Psi Points Use it while holding a target to toss in the character’s direction.
Ki Spark 30 Light Aura, 16 Psi Points It shocks all enemies in front of the character in a small radius. It deals a small amount of damage.
Skyspark 30 Dark Aura, 18 Psi Points Players can use the movement controls to move the impact marker. Once confirmed, press the input again to send the Skyspart at the location. However, do note that it can only be used when players are outside of its radius.

These are all the Psi-Powers in Biomutant. Feel free to check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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