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How To Get Prosthetic Suit In Biomutant


Biomutant has a lot of suits for the players to find and equip and Prosthetic Suit is one of them. This Biomutant guide will help players with how to get the Prosthetic Suit.

How To Get Prosthetic Suit

There are only two pieces of the Prosthetic Suit: Legs and Arms. Players can get this suit by completing the Prosthetic Suit.

Go to the Suburbia and defeat the giant beast. Then speak with Moog and he’ll as for the player’s help. Players have to defeat Chug Swollwaft at Sparkplant Sector 9E.

Once players defeat Chug Swollwaft, head back to Moog at Steepdeepo Sector 6C. Talk to him and the side quest will be complete. Players will receive the Prosthetic suit as a reward.

That is all for our Biomutant guide on how to get the Prosthetic Suit. For more on the game, also see How To Get Ark Suit and How to Get Airtight Suit.

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