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Biomutant Notice Board Locations For Automaton Appearance


Automaton appearances are only available when you find 10 notice boards in Biomutant. However, the 10 that actually give you new skins are randomly generated. Still, finding them is your best shot at getting new skins. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Biomutant notice board locations.

Biomutant Notice Board Locations

Notice Board Location #1

During the main quest that takes you to Bricktown, you can find a notice board. Take care of the Morks and go upstairs. To your right should be the first notice board. Complete the short quest that follows to get the Automaton skin.

Notice Board Location #2

Go to Chugyard, west of Bricktown. From the previous notice board, go west and follow the path to Murkadorpus Outpost. The train track takes you to Chugyard where you will find the notice board. Complete follow-up quest to get the skin.

Notice Board Location #3

Go northwest of Urfidurf Outpost to Suburbia. You will come across many enemies including a Tincan mini-boss. Kill the Tincan enemy to get the next Automaton skin.

Notice Board Location #4

Go northeast of Bricktown to Subnatica Station. The notice board is on the southeast side of the station. Go through the tunnel and follow the Goop to reach it.

Notice Board Location #5

Go to Surf Hurdle, east of the Urfidurf Outpost. Move toward the Rokoblok Outpost. Follow the path into Guyway 5H.

Notice Board Location #6

You may need the Coldzone suit for this one. The location is west of the Tree of Life. Also, take some power full weapons with you. Go to Sparkplant, south side, where you will find the next skin.

Notice Board Location #7

Go to Gnoat Farm, the location where you meet Noko. The notice board is next to her house. Complete the following quest to get the next skin.

Notice Board Location #8

Go to Chugdepot, southwest of the Lotus Fortress. The notice board is in the middle of the area where you might face some enemies.

Notice Board Location #9

You will need a Heatzone suit to visit Blimpstation while going through Kluppy Dunes. You will find this notice board outside Blimpstation.

Notice Board Location #10

Sludge Deodorizum is west of Blimpstation where you will find another notice board. There are Goop monsters in the area and a Tincan as well.

Notice Board Location #11

You need to reach Aerodrome. Complete the Lobo questline in Blimpstation to unlock the ability to glide over the goop blocking the Northern Islands of Kluppy Dunes. After you glide over, go to the southeastern side of the Island to find the notice board.

Notice Board Location #12

The next notice board is at Fume Foundry but bring the Anti-Radiation suit with you. Reach the radioactive area southeast of the Pichu Fortress. Find the notice board on the easter side of the factory.

Notice Board Location #13

Head over to Surfsurge Factory, the notice board is north of Molyholy Outpost. Complete the follow-up quest to get the next skin.

Notice Board Location #14

Go northwest of Netra Fortress to reach Sludgegush Field. Bring an Oxygen suit with you for this one. After locating the board, complete the follow-up quest to get the skin.

Notice Board Location #15

Go to Manufactorium, southwest of Rokoblok Outpost but bring an Anti-Radiation suit with and some powerful weapons.

It should be noted that while there 15 notice board locations, only 10 will yield Automaton skins. They are randomly generated in Biomutant.

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