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Biomutant Mekton Wrekbox Locations Guide


Mekton in Biomutant is a vehicle that lets players traverse through a Dead Zone, clear oil pools, and so much more. On top of that, it can be improved even further via Mekton Wrekbox. These are needed to upgrade the Mekton in the game. In this guide, we’ve shared the locations of all 14 Mekton Wrekbox that can be found in Biomutant.

Biomutant Mekton Wrekbox Locations

Mekton Wrekbox in Biomutant are scattered all around the world. Once found, these parts let players customize the Mekton. Mekton Wrekbox are often found in hard-to-reach locations such as Dead Zone and are usually surrounded by enemies, mini-bosses, etc. Below, we’ve provided a complete overview of all 14 Mekton Wrekbox in the game:

Mekton Wrekbox #1
Location: Chugyard
Found right outside the Chugyard as a part of the ‘Stronk Salvage’ questline from Gizmo. It should be on the 2nd floor of the building.

Mekton Wrekbox #2
Location: Munchhouse 6C
Defeat enemies near the southwest edge of Moog’s hideout to get it.

Mekton Wrekbox #3
Location: Citiscenario
This one is in the middle of the area. Defeat all the enemies before opening the box. Also, do note that it’s located in the Dead Zone.

Mekton Wrekbox #4
Location: Bangshelter 7B
The area has a handful of enemies that aren’t difficult to deal with. Once all the enemies are dealt with, search the shelter to find it.

Mekton Wrekbox #5
Location: Brickbrack 7B
There’s literally a small army of enemies in the area. Take things a little slow if possible and access the 1st floor to find it.

Mekton Wrekbox #6
Location: Shopperia 7A
This one is located inside a Dead Zone. There are also some tough enemies that need to be dealt with.

Mekton Wrekbox #7
Location: Holesome
Inside the shelter on the north side, take the elevator down and the box should be in an open area.

Mekton Wrekbox #8
Location: The Grottu
This one is inside a large cave with a few tough enemies. It’s best to defeat all the enemies before approaching the box at the back-end of the cave.

Mekton Wrekbox #9
Location: Bio Nucleus 8C
This one is located on the road which is a Biohazard Zone. It’s recommended to equip the Biohazard Suit to make things a little easier.

Mekton Wrekbox #10
Location: Bio Nucleus 8C
Go toward the northeast edge of Bio Nucleus 8C to find some enemies fighting it off. Let them be at it and finish off the stragglers at the end. The box should be inside some ruins.

Mekton Wrekbox #11
Location: Brickbrack 7C
A simple walk and grab situation – head inside the building, open the box, leave the area.

Mekton Wrekbox #12
Location: Shop-Shop 8B
Use range as an advantage to defeat all the enemies in the area before getting to the box.

Mekton Wrekbox #13
Location: Pokburr
The box is out in the open. Not too hard to find since the area needs to be visited for a few questlines.

Mekton Wrekbox #14
Location: Fluff Hulk Nest
Defeat the Fluff Hulk and proceed toward the southern edge of the island to find the last Mekton Wrekbox in the game.

These are the locations of all Mekton Wrekbox in Biomutant. For more help on the game, check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides.

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