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How to Change Difficulty In Biomutant

Biomutant is the kind of game that would offer its players a lot of new content in terms of environment exploration, looting, and a unique combat system. If you are new to this genre of games, it could become pretty harsh for you inside it, and sometimes you might consider changing the difficulty level. This guide goes through how exactly you can change difficulty in Biomutant.

How To Change The Difficulty

You select the difficulty level at the start of the game after the character has been created. There are three difficulty levels in Biomutant: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Easy difficulty level makes enemies much easier to kill, while the Hard difficulty mode will make enemies feel like stones that are hard to deal with.

Regardless of what difficulty you choose at the start, you can always change the difficulty level mid-game by going to the settings in the pause menu. From the settings tab, you will need to go to the “Game” tab, and then select “Gameplay”. In the “Gameplay” tab you will see the option to change the difficulty mode.

After you have changed the difficulty level, you don’t need to restart the game client as the effect of changing the difficulty is instantaneous.

This is everything we have on how you can change the difficulty level in Biomutant. For more on the game, also see our Character Attributes Guide and How To Get Anti-Radiation Suit.

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