Biomutant Crafting Guide – How to Craft, Upgrade, and Modify Gear

Biomutant Crafting Guide, Biomutant Character Attributes Guide

Crafting is an essential mechanic in Biomutant. Players can combine different components into a gazillion different combinations to create a completely unique weapon. While armor can’t be crafted, it can still be enhanced for added benefits. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about how the Crafting System works in Biomutant.

Biomutant Crafting Tips

Crafting in Biomutant requires materials. These can be found in the open-world or from scrapping useless gear. While the actual crafting can be done from the ‘Crafting’ menu, upgrades can only be performed at workbenches – the hot-air balloons located in key areas in the game.

Armor Crafting

Crafting armor in Biomutant is limited to two options – upgrade and modifications. There’s no option of actually crafting armor from scratch. Therefore, players will need to work with armor bought from merchants or found in the world.

Upgrade Armor
Armor in Biomutant can only be upgraded at an Armor Workbench. These are located on top of hot-air balloons found all over the world. There are two types of upgrades – Quality and Material. Do note that these options only improve the Armor Level but not the actual stats. In addition to this, upgrading armor also requires a lot of materials.

Modify Armor
Armor modification can be done from the ‘Crafting’ menu. Each piece of armor comes with a pre-determined number of slots – the higher the rarity, the more slots it’ll have. Add-ons can be inserted in these slots to increase the stats and rarity of a piece. However, do note that inserting these add-ons costs materials. In addition to this, add-ons can be swapped at any time if enough materials are available. Lastly, do note that Face Armor and Back Armor can’t be modified because there aren’t any slots on them.

Weapon Crafting

Unlike armor, weapon crafting in Biomutant is flexible. The feature is divided into three mechanics – craft, modify, and upgrade. On top of that, it works differently for ranged and melee. Another thing to keep in mind is that some weapons like the Tribe Weapons can’t benefit from any of the crafting features.

Craft Weapons
To craft a weapon, open up the ‘Crafting’ menu. Remember that the Weapon Type and the Wung-Fu style entirely depends on the selected Base. In addition to this, crafting also requires a lot of materials.

  • Melee: 1x Base + 1x Handle + Add-On
  • Ranged: 1x Base + 1x Grip + 1x Muzzle + 1x Stock + 1x Magazine

Modify Weapons
Similar to armor, weapons (ranged and melee) can be modified to get enhanced stats as well as rarity level. Doing this, of course, requires materials so make sure to stock up on those. Each weapon comes with a pre-determined number of slots in which add-ons can be inserted. These add-ons, however, aren’t permanent and can be swapped.

Upgrade Weapons
Just like armor, weapon upgrades require players to find a Weapon Workbench – on top of the hot-air balloons. There are two types of upgrades – Materials and Quality. Both of these upgrades directly improve a weapon’s stats. However, like everything else in Biomutant, doing so requires a lot of materials.

This is all we’ve got in how crafting functions in Biomutant. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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