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Biomutant Controls Guide For Action, Shortcuts, And Abilities


After the horrible year, we have had in terms of game delays, Biomutant is nothing short of a treat. You can jump right in using our controls guide that’ll prepare you for all the action.

Biomutant controls guide has a complete overview of the game’s basic and advanced mechanics. Below is a complete rundown of Biomutant controls on each platform.

PC Controls

Action  Keyboard 
Move Forward  W 
Move Backward  S 
Move Left  A 
Move Right  D 
Jump  Space Bar 
Dodge  ALT 
Run  Shift 
Melee  Right Click 
Shoot  Left Click 
Reload  R 
Parry  Q 
Wung Fu  F 
Super Wushu  V 
Interact  E 
Consumables  1 
Melee Weapons  2 
Ranged Weapons  3 
Transport  4 
Toggle Ability – Hold  Middle Click 
Quick Use Ability Up  F1 
Quick Use Ability Down  F3 
Quick Use Ability Left  F4 
Quick Use Ability Right  F2 
Menu  TAB 
Map  M 
Journal  J 
Gear  G 
Inventory  I 
Character  C 
Mutations  U 

PS4/Xbox One

Action  Xbox/PS4 
Move Forward  L 
Move Backward  L 
Move Left  L 
Move Right  L 
Jump  A/X 
Dodge  B/O 
Run  LS/L3 
Melee  X/Square 
Shoot  RT/R2 
Reload  RB/R1 
Parry  LB/L1 
Wung Fu  Y/Triangle 
Super Wushu   
Interact  Y/Triangle 
Consumables  D-pad Up 
Melee Weapons  D-pad Right 
Ranged Weapons  D-pad left 
Transport  D-pad Down 
Toggle Ability – Hold  LT/L2 
Quick Use Ability Up   
Quick Use Ability Down   
Quick Use Ability Left   
Quick Use Ability Right   
Map  Options button 
Journal  Touch pad 

And that’s everything you need to know about Biomutant’s controls on PS4, Xbox, and PC.

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