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Biomutant Character Classes Guide


In total, there are 6 primary character classes in Biomutant. They are starting archetypes and define your perks and abilities. Each class also uses different starting equipment so choosing the right class for your playstyle becomes even more important. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about Biomutant Character Classes.

Biomutant Character Classes

The following are the 6 character classes in the game:

  • Deadeye
  • Commando
  • Psi-Freak
  • Saboteur
  • Sentinel
  • Mercenary


Deadeye is a skillfully rogue that uses ranged weapons. Its starting perk allows it to reload ranged weapons instantly and the next magazine gets +20% damage.


  • Crackshot: Non-automatic rifles do 20% additional attack damage.
  • Gunslinger: dual-wielded weapons get a 20% additional rate of fire.
  • Sharpshooter: dual-wielded guns do 2x damage.
  • Quick Reload: Faster weapon reloads.
  • Sniper: n/a.


Commando is an elite soldier; its starting perk is called Fury which allows it to get +10% more damage with ranged weapons.


  • Adrenaline: 40% increased health regeneration.
  • Shock: Shotgun rounds have a 5% chance to stun enemies.
  • Brutality: +10% critical damage from ranged shots.
  • Stimulus: Armor and damage from melee attacks is increased by 20% when health is below 20%.
  • Fury: 10% more damage with ranged weapons.


Psi-Freaks are the most mutated beings in Biomutent. Their starting perk is SparkBall which allows them to throw a spark ball at enemies. Psi-Freaks actually has two starting perks, the second one being Megamind; which gives them 20% increased Ki Energy regeneration.


  • Megamind: +20% Ki Energy regenration.
  • Nocturnal: +10 intellect at Night.
  • Mind Melt: Power Damage attacks have a 10% chance for a critical hit.
  • Psi Spikes: Power Damage attacks have 10% more damage.
  • Brain Drain: Attacks with Power Damage will regenerate 20% health.


Saboteur’s starting perks are Twin Silver Grip and Hypergenetic. The first allows you to equip two melee weapons at once. The latter reduces Dodge Energy’s cost by 20%.


  • Hypergenetic: 20% dodge enemy cost reduction.
  • Reflexes: Ranged attacks from the enemy have a 10% chance to miss you.
  • Agile: +20% dodge resistance.
  • Moving Target: +5% movement speed.
  • Evasive: +20% damage with dodging or in the air.


Sentinels are protectors and their perks reflect this. Their starting perk is Toughness which increases the base armor by 10.

  • Knock: Dodging into enemies makes them stumble and flinch.
  • Invicibility: Armor and damage from melee attacks increased by 20% but only at full health.
  • Ricochet: Ranged attacks from enemies have a 10% chance to ricochet.
  • Medic: Health regeneration from items is increased.

Toughness: +10% base armor.


Mercenary is a melee-focused class; its starting perks include Twin Silver Grip and Fury. The first allows this class to equip two single-handed melee weapons at once. The latter gives 10% additional melee damage.

  • Megamind: +20% Ki Energy regenration.
  • Reflexes: +10% chance of enemy ranged attacks missing you.
  • Invicibility: Armor and damage from melee attacks increased by 20% but only at full health.
  • Brutality: +10% critical damage from melee attacks.

And that’s everything you need to know about Biomutant character classes. Need more help? See character creation tips, controls.

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