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Biomutant Character Attributes Guide


Biomutant is a detail-oriented game with intense character creation and upgradation. The game allows players to choose desired attributes for their character. These attributes play a crucial role in the physical features and strength of the character. This guide covers everything there is about attributes of character in Biomutant.

Biomutant Character Attributes Explained

In Biomutant, there are a total of five attributes. These are:

  • Strength
  • Agility
  • Vitality
  • Charisma
  • Intellect

Strength Attribute

Strength is the first attribute and it affects the melee damage output of your character. Melee is not the go-to combat option in Biomutant, so this attribute would not affect your character’s abilities greatly. If you are a melee person and prefer close combat, only then you should give points to this attribute.

Agility Attribute

The agility attribute boosts the movement speed of your character. Giving points to this attribute will make you run faster, which results in you not getting hit by enemies that often and also increase the damage output of your weapons by a certain fraction. The fast movement also allows you to get far from or close to an enemy during combat.

Vitality Attribute

Vitality attribute affects the health of the character. If you give this attribute more points, it will increase your health by a great fraction and also slightly increase health regen time. You would also see armor stats below the health bar, but the armor stats are not related to the vitality attribute.

Charisma Attribute

Charisma attribute impacts the Barter stat, which comes into play when buying or selling something in the game. If you give charisma more points, you will buy gear, items, and resources at a much-reduced price, and also make a good profit when selling these items to NPCs. We don’t recommend giving this attribute good points, as it is not that useful in choke parts of the game and won’t help you much.

Intellect Attribute

This is the most important and best attribute of all. Intellect attributes directly impact your power, Psi Energy, Ki Energy, and Energy Regeneration.

If you give more points to this attribute, you will likely increase your character’s Psi Energy and the mutations you use. Ki Energy is the stamina in Biomutant and allows your character to dodge incoming attacks and use special power like Psi powers.

These were all the attributes in Biomutant. For more on the game, also see How To Get Prosthetic Suit and How To Get Ark Suit.

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