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Biomutant Biogenetic Abilities Guide – How to Get, Effects


Biogenetic abilities are a type of Mutation in Biomutant. These abilities can be unlocked with Bio Points. These can be found in different Bio Point areas or Biolab Containers. In this guide, we’ve provided a complete overview of all the Biogenetic abilities, how to unlock them, and their effects in Biomutant.

Biomutant Biogenetics

Similar to Psi abilities in the game, these Biogenetics must be assigned to a specific input before they can be used in the game. As mentioned earlier, these abilities require a lot of Bio Points to unlock. These can be found from Biolab Containers and Bio Point areas. In the table below, we’ve provided a complete overview of all the Biogenetics in Biomutant, their unlock conditions, and effects in the game:

Biogenetic How to Unlock Effects
Mothmouth 2x Bio Points It can be used on a small humanoid to mind-control it into attacking its allies instead of the character.
Vile Bile 3x Bio Points The character sprays vile toxins in the direction it’s facing. These toxins deal damage to all enemies that are in the radius.
Fungi 4x Bio Points The character can use this ability to bounce off Fungi or place it under characters to make them bounce all over an area.
Rad Wisps 6x Bio Points It can be used to spray particles that inflict Radioactive damage to all nearby enemies.
Storm Hop 8x Bio Points Use the ability while in the air in order to land on the ground with a devastating blast that damages all enemies within a large radius.
Mucus Bubble 10x Bio Points This ability lets the character bounce over the enemies and stick them with the bubble. Pressing the input once more will burst the bubble to damage enemies.
Mud Punch 14x Bio Points When used, it creates a pillar from the ground that knocks all nearby enemies into the air. Pressing the input once more will cause the character to land a melee attack.
Turtleform 16x Bio Points This lets the character transform into a Turtle. Pressing the input button once more to exit the Turtle form.

These are all the Biogenetics in Biomutant. Feel free to check out our detailed Biomutant wiki guides for more help on the game.

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