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Biomutant Best Perks Guide

It is to say Biomutant has a plethora of perks but the question is, which ones the best? In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the best perks in Biomutant.

The perks we discuss below require a different number of Upgrade points to unlock. They are general recommendations. What perks you should use depend on your build but some are just generally useful and should be among the mix of perks you use.

Biomutant Best Perks

Keep in mind that some perks require you to be at a certain character level before you can unlock them. With that said, let’s jump into the best perks in Biomutant.


Charmer should be in the mix pretty much always. It helps you succeed in Persuasion and since this is an RPG, Persuasion is key to success in dialogue with NPCs. It will take 1 upgrade point to unlock.

Luck Out

Probably the most important perk is Luck Out. It helps you increase your chances of getting better loot in the game. Your chances increase by 10% which is high enough to get some of the best loot drops in Biomutant. Luck Out requires 2

Ki Energize

Special attacks in Biomutant consume your Ki-Energy but thanks to the Ki-Energize perk, you can recover part of the consumed Ki-Energy. You need 1 upgrade point to unlock Ki-Energize.


If you are using weapon and armor mods, you should consider using Plating Perk to increase the effectiveness of your mods. It is highly useful with ranged weapons. Plating can be unlocked with 2 upgrade points.

Perfect Reload

One of the more advanced perks in the game is Perfect Reload. It will reload your gun instantly the next magazine does 20% more damage. However, you need 3 upgrade points to unlock this perk.


Using this perk, you can increase health regeneration during fights by 40%. Get this perk especially if you’re playing on higher difficulties. You need 3 upgrade points and character level 7 to unlock this perk.

Clip Tech

If you use ranged weapons then be sure to pick up Clip Tech Perk. It will increase ranged weapon magazine capacity by 25%. You need only 2 upgrade points to unlock this perk.


The Technician perk increases the attack speed of ranged weapons by 10%. You need 3 upgrade points and character level 7 to unlock it.

That’s the end of our recommended list of best Biomutant perks. Need more help? See weapon abilities, character creation, Teddy Suit, Character Attributes.

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