Biomutant isn’t the best RPG in the market but, it is an enjoyable one. Like all the other RPGs, Biomutant has a lot of things for the players to do and bosses to defeat. Lupa-Lupin is one of the bosses that players will face off in the game and this Biomutant guide will help players with how to defeat Lupa-Lupin.

How To Beat Lupa-Lupin

Before getting on the Ark, Out-of-Date will ask players to face Lupa-Lupin and defeat him. As for where players will find Lupa-Lupin, the boss hasn’t moved anywhere and is still bound near the Tree Of Life.

When players get to his location, the tribe will already be there. Once you convince them you have to beat Lupa-Lupin, the boss will free itself and the boss fight will begin.

Phase 1

The first phase is rather easy. Lupa-Lupin will move around the arena using rolls and ground pounds as attacks. The boss will occasionally pick up the tribe members and throw them at you.

Players can use the tribesmen to distract Lupa-Lupin and attack it to deal damage. Make sure to use ranged weapons when it’s not focused on you. When it does take notice, dodge its attacks and land a few of your own. Keep using the tribesmen as a distraction and deal damage. Once Lupa-Lupin’s health drops by a third, the second phase of the boss fight begins.

Phase 2

In the second phase of the boss fight with Lupa-Lupin in Biomutant, the tribesmen will no longer be able to help players. But Sifu will jump into the fight. Lupa-Lupin’s attacks will remain the same and the boss will mostly focus on Stifu. Keep your distance, use ranged attacks and dodge the attacks when Lupa-Lupin takes notice of you. This phase ends once players drop another third of its health.

Phase 3

In this phase of the boss fight, players will be on their own. Lupa-Lupin will use the previous attacks with the addition of a new one where it raises its hand, glowing pink for a moment and slamming into the ground. This will send a shockwave towards the players. Players can dodge it easily if they are able to telegraph it early.

Keep attacking Lupa-Lupin and once players deplete its health bar, it’ll jump and slam into the ground creating a sinkhole and taking players with him.

Phase 4

Lupa-Lupin has fully replenished its health and again players are alone. The attack pattern remains mostly the same. However, players must be careful of the ground slam as Lupa-Lupin will perform this attack in threes. Dodge the ground slam and avoid fighting up close as Lupa-Lupin can grab players can slam them on the ground.

Occasionally, Lupa-Lupin will glow pink and will charge in a straight line. Dodge this attack to avoid huge damage. Use ranged attacks and once the health drops by a third, the next phase begins.

Phase 5

In this phase not much changes in terms of attacks. Keep your distance and use ranged weapons to deal damage. However, be careful of the double pink-fisted ground slam that creates a shockwave. Once its health drops by another third, the next phase begins.

Phase 6

In this phase, Lupa-Lupin will frequently use a massive ground slam attack that sends big shockwaves. Players can either jump over it or move out of its way if they can. This attack will be used frequently and the rest of the attack moves remain the same. Just keep your distance and use ranged weapons. Eventually, Lupa-Lupin will be defeated.

That is all for our Biomutant guide on how to defeat Lupa-Lupin. For more on the game, also see Notice Board Locations For Automaton Appearance and How to Change Automaton Appearance.

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