How To Get Ark Suit In Biomutant

How To Get Ark Suit In Biomutant

Biomutant has a lot of suits for the players to find and each of them grants resistance to a specific element. Ark Suit is one of them that grants resistance to all elements, however, the resistance isn’t high. This Biomutant guide will help players with how to get the Ark Suit.

How To Get Ark Suit

The Ark Suit has four pieces Backpack, Pants, Pants, and Jacket. Players have to complete the Nova Twinklethwarter Side Quest to get this suit. This suit offers resistance to damage and negative status effects.

Heat – 23
Cold – 8
Radioactive – 59
Biohazard – 11
Hypoxia – 62

Head to Watchout and use the elevator to go to the top. Talk to Nova and after the conversation, follow the quest marker to the crash. Kill all the enemies once players reach the crash site and then, solve the rotation puzzle and extract the Twinkle Stone.

Talk to Nova and then solve the telescope puzzle. Once solved, move the Long-Eye until players see a violet light. Aim the telescope in the middle and give the Twinkleshard to Nova. After that, open the locker and claim the Ark Suit.

That is all for our Biomutant guide on how to get the Ark Suit. For more on the game, also see How to Get Airtight Suit and How To Get Coldzone Suit.

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