How To Get Anti-Radiation Suit In Biomutant

How To Get Anti-Radiation Suit In Biomutant

Biomutant might not the best RPG in the market but, it’s a relatively good one. There are a lot of gear for the players to collect and use in the game and armor is one of them. This Biomutant guide will help players with how to get Anti-Radiation Suit.

How To Get Anti-Radiation Suit

The Anti-Radiation Suit consists of three pieces Anti-Radiation Hood, Pants, and Jacket. This suit provides high resistance to Radioactivity. To get the entire Anti-Radiation set, players have to complete the “The Radioactivity Suit” side quest.

In this side quest, players have to tune a Pingdish to get the location of the Anti-Radiation suit. Go to the Pingdish 3F location and kill all the enemies there. Once clear, enter the building to find the device. To use it, players have to first solve the Rotation Puzzle and once that is done, move the antenna until the singal becomes stronger and reveals where to go.

Head to Bangshelter 2G and the bunker be guarded by a Tincan Tougho. Defeat it and enter the bunker. The Anti-Radiation Suit will be in a locker.

That is all for our Biomutant guide on how to get the Anti-Radiation Suit. For more on the game, also see our How to Get the Heatzone Suit Guide and How to Get the Biohazard Suit Guide.