In Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter two unusual figures, Blurg and Omeluum, who are not your typical representatives of their species. Omeluum, a rather unorthodox mind flayer, proposes an experiment to study the parasite in your head, but it requires special ingredients: Timmask Spores and a Tongue of Madness. These components are hidden within the Underdark, specifically in the Arcane Tower.


Baldur’s Gate 3 Timmask Spores and Tongue of Madness Location

here's the Arcane Tower Location.
Here’s is where you can find the Arcane Tower.
tongue of madness location.
Here you can find Tongue of Madness.
Timmask Spores location.
Here you can find Timmask Spores.

To find both the Tongue of Madness and Tinmask Spores in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to head to the Arcane Tower. Here’s how you can navigate through:

  1. Dealing with the Arcane Turrets: First, you’ll encounter Arcane Turrets. These are unavoidable hazards, so be prepared with healing items. Your goal is to move quickly to minimize damage.
  2. Powering the Tower: Below the Tower, there’s a glowing tree. From this tree, you can collect a Sussur bloom, which is essential for powering up the Tower. After obtaining the bloom, find a nearby door (you might need to pick the lock), and inside, you’ll locate the Generator. Place the Sussur bloom inside to power up the Tower, which will deactivate the turrets.
  3. Finding the Tinmask Spores: Once the area is safe, take the stairs to the elevator and go up to the third floor. Here, explore the area until you find a wooden shelf. The Tinmask Spores will be on this shelf.
  4. Locating the Tongue of Madness: After securing the Spores, head back down to the second floor. Navigate to the southernmost part of the room, where you’ll find a garden. The Tongue of Madness can be collected here.

Alternative Locations For Timmask Spores and Tongue of Madness

Some players might face difficulties in finding the Tongue of Madness, as it doesn’t always spawn as expected. If you encounter this issue, there are alternative locations to check:

  1. The Arcane Tower’s Basement: Here, you might find some Tongues of Madness on a desk.
  2. Merchant Near Omeluum: This vendor reportedly has a stock of Tongues of Madness.

If the Tongue of Madness isn’t in its usual spot, these alternative locations are your next best bet. The item is essential for progressing in the game, so be sure to check these spots if you’re having trouble.

Should You Drink Omeluum’s Potion in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Omeluum’s concoction, though brewed with good intentions, has unexpected effects. Instead of neutralizing the parasite, it enhances its power, pushing you closer to the Mindflayers. Recognizing this, Omeluum offers a unique item: a ring that conceals your presence from other mind flayers and halts the parasite’s growth.

You face a choice: embrace the newfound power or limit the parasite with Omeluum’s ring. The decision carries weight, impacting your journey through Baldur’s Gate 3. Whether you seek to harness the Illithid Powers or shield yourself from their influence, this encounter with Omeluum presents a pivotal moment in Baldur’s Gate 3.