Baldur’s Gate 3 players face the menacing Shadow Curse at various levels. This curse, prominent in the Shadow-Cursed Lands during the game’s second act, poses a significant threat, rapidly depleting health and potentially leading to their downfall. This guide offers a thorough look into various methods to counteract and remove the Shadow Curse effects in Baldur’s Gate 3.


How To Stop And Remove Shadow Curse Effects In Baldur’s Gate 3

Before you can think about lifting the Shadow Curse, there are essential steps to follow:

  1. Recruit Halsin: Your journey begins with recruiting Halsin. This is a multi-step process that starts with saving the Emerald Grove from the Goblin Camp. After this heroic deed, invite Halsin to your camp, where he will stay until later in Act 2.
  2. Advance to Act 2: Make your way to the Last Light Inn in Act 2. Here, you’ll find an NPC in a coma. Investigate by reading the note on the bed, which will give you vital information.
  3. Inform Halsin: Go back to your camp and tell Halsin about the unconscious man. This will trigger the next phase of your quest.
  4. Acquire the Battered Lute: Head to the House of Healing to get the Battered Lute. Note that you’ll need advanced protection against the Shadow Curse to do this.
  5. Return to the Inn: With the lute in hand, go back to the Inn and discuss your findings with Halsin. Playing the lute will reveal more about your quest.
  6. Defend the Portal: Assist Halsin as he ventures into the Shadowfell. Defend the portal to ensure his safe passage.

A Moon Lantern can be obtained from Moonrise Towers, specifically in Balthazar’s Quarters. Now, join the Harper Patrol at the Last Light Inn and participate in an ambush against the Drider. Speak with Isabel on the second floor of the Inn. This will trigger an attack on the Inn, which is a crucial part of your journey.

Lifting The Shadow Curse

Travel east of the Shadowed Battlefield waypoint to a peculiar house. Here, you’ll encounter a spirit who will assign you a quest involving a game of hide-and-seek. This quest is crucial for lifting the curse. In this quest, you’ll need to defeat the Shadow Parents and find the spirit again, who will then disappear.

After dealing with the spirit, talk to Halsin about Oliver. Halsin will make a connection between Oliver and Thaniel, which is key to your quest. Go back to Oliver at the strange house and convince him to return to Thaniel. This will lead Oliver to enter a Shadow Portal. Follow Oliver through the portal, which will lead you to a battle in the town square north of Moonrise Towers. Oliver will defend himself with a powerful shield.

To break Oliver’s shield, defeat the enemies he spawns. Use Magic Missile to quickly eliminate the copies of Oliver, as they have only 1 HP each. Defeating these enemies quickly will break the shield faster.

The final step involves defeating Ketheric Thorm. This can be done in several ways, but the key is to infiltrate Moonrise Towers and find the Nightsong in the Grand Mausoleum. This artifact is crucial for defeating Thorm. With the Nightsong in hand, gather your allies and prepare for an assault on Moonrise Towers. Once Ketheric Thorm is defeated, you can finally lift the Shadow Curse from Act 2.

Return to your camp and speak with Thaniel to finalize the lifting of the curse.

Types of Shadow Curse

The game features two types of Shadow Curse – minor and major. The minor Shadow Curse affects areas outside of Last Light Inn but before traveling west toward Moonrise Towers, causing damage but can be negated relatively easily. The major Shadow Curse, which blocks the Moonrise Towers, is more potent and damaging.

Temporary Shadow Curse Protection Tips

Torches are a practical alternative if Blessing of Selune is unavailable. Only one party member needs to carry a torch for the group, but separation can lead to individual damage from the curse.

Spells like Light, Fearie Fire, and Dancing Light can be used. Less recommended than torches as they wear off over time. The only ways to negate major Shadow Curse. Moonlanterns can be obtained through Kar’ness, Nere, or Balthazaar. You can choose to keep the Pixie trapped in the Moonlantern or free it to receive a bell, which can be used to negate the major Shadow Curse.

That’s everything you need to know on how to remove the Shadow Curse Effect in BG3.