Bethesda’s Starfield Takes 70-120 Hours To Complete, Has Multiple Races

Bethesda Starfield

Bethesda’s Sci-Fi RPG Starfield will take somewhere between 70 to 120 hours to complete. The playtime depends on how you go about things, if you play all the side quests, main missions, and unlock all companions.

Starfield quests are unique and will subvert your expectations. Moreover, character builds really matter and players are rewards for being who they are. In the past, Bethesda has struggled when making sure character builds really matter but Starfield will change that.

  • Multiple alien species you get to meet and interact with.
  • The quests are incredibly interesting and subvert your expectations in unique and interesting ways. Few of them are “go to X, kill Y, bring back Z” and even fewer of them are exactly what they are supposed to be initially. Most times you’ll run into complications from r you’ll gain new knowledge on the matter and be presented with a choice.
  • RPG mechanics that make you feel like your build matters. Admittedly, this is something Bethesda as a whole hasn’t done terribly well, except for maybe Fallout 3. But this game rewards you for being who you want to be, and I’m confident in saying that.
  • All in all, your playtime per playthrough will probably be somewhere between 70-120 hours, give or take. That’s assuming you properly learn about every faction, do most if not all the major side quests, complete the main quests, recruit almost all the companions (obviously some are faction-locked) and explore the majority of the “map.”

The information comes from a Reddit post from someone who seems to have an inside track of things. As always, take everything with a grain of salt. You can read the full Reddit post by following the link.

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