The Dead Space remake has been dubbed an absolute success and a triumph. The visuals received a significant overhaul, while the gameplay and the story got minor tweaks. I had to load up the remake and see for myself as someone unimpressed with the new screenshots and gameplay footage. The graphical overhaul is truly impressive and makes the game worth a try.

However, if you are a veteran of the original game, you must know the importance of weapons aboard the Ishimura. This remains unchanged from the original 2008 Dead Space. This is a guide to information about the best weapons in Dead Space Remake and how to use them effectively. It does not matter if you are a newcomer to the series or someone rusty in their knowledge of weapons; this will be helpful to all.

Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake

Unlike the 2008 Dead Space, the remake changes how you get weapons in the game. Guns can be found lying around during exploration. Most of the time, they are easy to find and even hard to miss, but some can be elusive, so always keep your eyes peeled. The game has 7 weapons, but the upgrades and buffs bring natural variation to their gameplay. Sounds and weapon animations have also been completely revamped for the remake.

There are numerous enemies; some guns can be better than others. You can buy ammo from the in-game store, but the inventory size is limited, and it is better to play conservatively. Spamming the ‘shoot’ button is never good in Dead Space.

  1. Plasma Cutter (Chapter 1)
  2. Pulse Rifle (Chapter 2)
  3. Ripper (Chapter 3)
  4. Flamethrower (Chapter 3)
  5. Contact Beam (Chapter 4)
  6. Line Gun (Chapter 4/5)
  7. Force Gun (Chapter 6)

Each weapon provides two firing modes (Primary and Alternate) along with upgrades and buffs. This provides a myriad of choices for the player to experiment with. Here is a list of the best weapons you should look for in Dead Space Remake. These are most worthy of spending resources and upgrades to buff their stats.

  • Plasma Cutter: The first weapon you will find in the game, it is versatile and deals immense amounts of damage. The lasers help with the clean and swift dismemberment of Necromorphs. You can only play through the whole game with this gun, especially if you upgrade it regularly at the bench.
  • Line Gun: Found in Emergency Equipment Storage room during Chapter 5, this gun, with its wide shooting area, can take care of multiple enemies coming towards you. The slow fire rate is mitigated by the great amount of damage it can inflict.
  • Pulse Rifle: Found in the tram station at the beginning of chapter 2, this gun, with its rapid-fire rate and plenty of ammo, can make quick work of several enemies. The grenade launcher makes it perfect for slowing down hordes of necromorphs charging at you.

While these guns may seem weaker at first, a few upgrades and buffs can make each of these a deadly tool. Rest assured, spending resources to upgrade them will not be wasted and will prove to be helpful time and time again. That’s everything we have for now, but here are some other key guides for Dead Space Remake you might want to look at:

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