Best Weapon Upgrades In Atomic Heart


Atomic Heart players know that even the best weapons need customization from time to time. Each weapon in the game can be upgraded with different resources and in this guide, let’s discuss everything you need to know about which upgrades are best for your favorite weapons.

Ergonomic Handle For Pashtet

Ergonomic Handle is best upgrade For Pashtet in Atomic Heart.

The Pashtet, a fast-swinging one-handed weapon, is made even more efficient with the Ergonomic Handle. This upgrade speeds up energy recovery, vital for using high-energy weapons like Electro, Dominator, or Railgun.

  • Fast Energy Recovery: Each hit speeds up energy recharge.
  • Increased Attack Speed: Upgradable for even quicker strikes.
  • Health or Energy Recharge: Killing enemies recharges health or energy.

Upgrade Details

  • Attack Speed: +2
  • Charge Speed: +2

Reverse Shot For Zvezdochka

Reverse Shot  is best upgrade For Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart.

Zvezdochka stands out as a two-handed weapon powerhouse, capable of shooting flying saws towards enemies. This upgrade extends its range and damage potential.

  • Flying Saws: Launches saws that cause significant damage.
  • Energy Efficiency: Power attack costs energy, which can be recovered through attacking.

Upgrade Details

  • Charge Damage: +1
  • Knockdown Prevention: Immune to being knocked down while attacking.

Electromagnetic Polarizer For Kalash

Electromagnetic Polarizer  is best upgrade For Kalash in Atomic Heart.

As the go-to projectile weapon in Atomic Heart, the Kalash benefits significantly from the Electromagnetic Polarizer, boosting its effectiveness against robotic enemies.

  • Robot Damage Bonus: Inflicts 10% more damage to robots.
  • Enhanced for Boss Battles: Ideal for encounters with powerful robot types.

Upgrade Details

  • Damage: +2
  • Recoil Control: +1
  • Decreased Spread: +2

Electrokinetic Stock For Kalash

Electrokinetic Stock upgrade For Kalash in Atomic Heart.

This upgrade addresses the common issue of bullet spread in automatic weapons, ensuring more bullets hit the target.

  • Stabilized Shooting: Reduces bullet spread.
  • Increased Accuracy: More bullets land on enemies.

Upgrade Details

  • Damage: +1
  • Ergonomics: +2
  • Recoil Control: +1
  • Decreased Spread: +2

Damper-Polymeric Stock For KS-23

Damper-Polymeric Stock is best upgrade For KS-23 in Atomic Heart.

Ideal for crowd control, this upgrade enhances the KS-23 shotgun’s reload speed and firing rate.

  • Faster Reloading: Reduces downtime between shots.
  • Enhanced Fire Rate: Allows for more frequent firing in combat.

Upgrade Details

  • Damage: +1
  • Rate Of Fire: +2
  • Ergonomics: +1
  • Recoil Control: +3
  • Decreased Spread: +2

Reflex Blade For Pashtet

Reflex Blade is best upgrade For Pashtet in Atomic Heart

Pashtet’s Reflex Blade upgrade is tailored to quickly deal with fast and vicious organic enemies.

  • Extra Damage to Organics: Efficient against organic enemy types.
  • Fast Swing Speed: Quickly neutralizes fast-moving targets.

Upgrade Details

  • Damage: +2
  • Speed: +2
  • Charge Damage: +1

Energy Vampire Module For Electro

Energy Vampire Module is best upgrade For Electro in Atomic Heart.

This upgrade turns Electro into an energy-absorbing powerhouse, recharging its energy meter with enemy attacks.

  • Energy Absorption: Drains enemy energy to recharge your meter.
  • Sustained Firepower: Enables continuous firing as the meter recharges.

Upgrade Details

  • Special Attack Range Increase
  • Enhanced Energy Absorption from Robots
  • Health Absorption from Organic Enemies

Revolver Loading Module For Fat Boy

Revolver Loading Module is best upgrade For Fat Boy in Atomic Heart.

Transform your Fat Boy rocket launcher with this upgrade, allowing it to load three missile projectiles simultaneously.

  • Triple Missile Load: Increases the number of missiles fired at once.
  • Enhanced Firepower: Maximizes damage potential in a single shot.

Upgrade Details

  • Extended Magazine

Homing Projectiles For Fat Boy

Homing Projectiles upgrade For Fat Boy in Atomic Heart.

This upgrade turns the Fat Boy into a guided missile launcher, locking onto targets automatically.

  • Auto-Targeting: Locks onto enemies for guaranteed hits.
  • Enhanced Missile Tracking: Missiles follow enemies until impact.

Upgrade Details

  • Faster Lock-on and Rocket Speed
  • Improved Accuracy

Cartridge Gun – All Weapons (Except Railgun and Fatboy)

A great upgrade, the Cartridge Gun adds elemental damage to almost any weapon, exploiting enemy weaknesses.

  • Elemental Damage: Fire, ice, and electric damage options.
  • Versatility: Adapts to various enemy vulnerabilities.

Upgrade Details

  • Fire Cartridges: Burn enemies.
  • Ice Cartridges: Freeze enemies.
  • Electric Cartridges: Electrify enemies.
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