Best VR Accessories For Better Immersion And Gaming

Best VR Accessories

Virtual Reality is a breathtaking tech advancement that we can take benefit from in the current era. It’s a whirlwind of shocking and amazing experiences that sweep away the user’s mind to locales, real or fictional, that they cannot be present physically. Visual media already has the ability to make the world smaller and witness-able by its audience, but VR takes it to a whole new upgraded level. In this guide, we are going to go over some of the best VR accessories that you can buy right now.

If one looks away from the wonderment of it all and delves deeper, VR is still pretty much at an initial stage. It does indeed have impressive headsets that assist a lot in creating that otherworldly atmosphere, yet there are various bits and pieces that still need to go through refinement. To give an example here, the handheld controllers for the headset are definitely not the best, which can affect your VR experience quite badly.

Fret not though, as there are several accessories available in the market now, that have high quality and problem-free builds and will basically enhance your experience a lot more. With them, you can enjoy your VR experience as fully as possible.

Out-of-the-box VR headsets are more of a screen than an entire entertainment system in itself. Having the appropriate accessories is necessary to unlock the true potential of your VR headset. They will enable you to avail of all the essential VR functions, such as motion trackers that can mirror your actions while you are moving around in the real world or proper controlling devices that can help you maneuver an aircraft or a car.

Best VR Accessories

Best Accessories for Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift is one of the very prominent devices that revived users’ interest in VR. For power processing and image delivery to it’s screen, this system needs an external computer. It was at first launched by a Kickstarter campaign and was bought by Facebook eventually, VR gained traction even further as a product in the tech market.

The Rift is an incredible device that will bring new universes right to your feet merely by strapping on the headsets. Although it brings with itself a completely amazing VR experience, the system still lacks some finesse, which can easily be overcome with some efficient accessories that will give you an optimal experience. Following is a list of these:

1.TPCAST Wireless Adapter

One major drawback of Oculus Rift is that it relies quite heavily upon cable connections. It keeps you tethered to your PC and the danger of tripping over wires while using the headsets is pretty real.

A Wire-Free Existence

The importance of TPCast Wireless becomes evident after the problem mentioned above. It enables the user to preserve their immersion throughout the experience with no frustrating interruptions. The wireless signals totally eliminate the necessity of long wires.

Another notable benefit is that the adapter does not need a PCle slot for installation, which makes it quite unique within similar products. It also comes with its own router which will minimize any signal interference in your home network.

TPCAST Wireless Adapter

You will be able to use this handy accessory with a high performing gaming laptop also. The process would be simple: Just link the TPCast router to the PC through an Ethernet connection and you will be all set to go.

In order to have a proper broadcasting signal system to connect it to your VR device, the adapter comes with a receiver that can be quickly strapped over your headsets. There is also a very helpful perk of a battery pack that can be clipped on your belt and can give you at least five hours of uninterrupted gaming on your VR device.


When it comes to wireless VR tech, latency is a much-discussed factor. But TPCast even has shown efficiency in this area as it offers a latency limit of even less than 2ms. This comes pretty close to what is provided by connections that do sport cables. Although with the wireless adapter you will occasionally come across dropping of signals, it is a way better option than having a wired system with much more interruption capability. So basically the TPCast Wireless Adapter can make your VR life seamlessly enjoyable.

2. The Oculus Sensor

Your Oculus Rift will be accompanied by a sensor out of the box. But it does not really do a good job of bringing out the truly immersive potential of your device. It is only able to pick up a limited range of movement and isn’t ideal for a bigger sized set up.

Oculus Sensor

Getting the Oculus Sensor will allow the hardcore users to have a large set up where they are able to move freely. You will get optimum performance if you set up two of the sensors close to the room’s front, and one is placed at the back. You can even complete the set with four sensors for your device to be able to track you no matter in which direction you move.

The sensors have a 16-foot long extension cable and are plugged into a USB port so you can connect up to three of them without hardware installations. It makes your experience easily accessible in a matter of minutes.

3.Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas 4

The virtual universe is jam-packed with action, and you can be involved in many adventures which lead you to fly space crafts, airplanes or any flying transport. Our suggested flight stick, the Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas 4, will give you a refined mastery over the craft of airborne traveling.

Similar to real aircraft, where the pilot controls it with a stick and throttle contraption, Thrustmaster gives you the same sense of realism especially when you have your headset on. Its ergonomic design will enable you to fly any kind of aircraft. The resistance of the Thrustmaster stick can be adjusted according to your preference.

Thrustmaster T-flight Hotas 4

It definitely is not lacking in the control department, as it is decked with twelve action buttons, five axes, a multi-directional hat switch and a trigger for rapid fire. The buttons can be mapped and controlled to meet your preferences and it even allows you to split the throttle and joystick to match the control positions in your VR.

This accessory provides you with a very defined and realistic flying experience in VR and is affordable along with that. For any serious user, it is a must-have.

Best VR Accessories For HTC Vive

The HTC Vive, comes on pretty much the same tier as the Oculus Rift, in market standards and customer preference. The Vive, however, comes ready to be used in a big scale set up. It is a hassle-free set up where walking around a room is concerned while playing.

The Vive headset is set apart by how comfortable it is to use and the manufacturers have also taken steps to reduce cases of nausea that you might experience while playing some games. Although a very good device on its own, there are still accessories out there which can improve its performance even here.

1. Wireless Adapter for Vive

This is the official accessory that will notch up the performance standards of the Vive to a new level. Getting it will make your Vive device a no-mess wireless VR system making it way more enjoyable. The adapter is functional in an area that 20 ft x 20 ft, so you can have plenty of space to move around and explore your VR world.

Device Setup

One negative aspect of the adapter is that it needs extra hardware for it to work properly. There must be a PCle slot in your PC in order to install its transmitter and receiver. You might need to come up with a creative solution for this issue if you are using a laptop for your VR gaming sessions.

Wireless Adapter for Vive

The VR Experience

The Vive Adapter boasts almost no latency at all, which means that you will not even realize that it is not a cable connected system. Apart from the occasional hiccups in the signals, you would be getting a very smooth experience with the hooking up of this adapter.

It comes equipped with a battery pack that provides you 2.5 hours of gaming time upon a single charge. If playing solo this time limit is quite enough, but if you are planning to have a VR party, then it is better to have extra batteries in store. The adapter also has the convenient feature of being able to support more than one user in a single room.

2. Vive Tracker

Shaped like a little hockey puck will give a new dimension to your VR experience. What is its task, you may ask? Well, the straightforward answer is that it can bring physical objects in your reality to the VR world. To do this magical task, it merely monitors the location of an object in order to translate it to VR.

Best VR Accessories For HTC Vive

For this to happen you just need to screw this clever device to any object, such as a toy gun or a tennis racket, and they will appear inside your game world. The device measures the object and then renders it into the headsets.

The Vive Tracker is a convenient and very exciting add on that you can invest on, and it will give you access to the whole library of apps and software that are available for the Vive.

3. Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

It is astonishing to realize that the HTC Vive VR headset does not come with headphones. Sometimes wearing a bulky pair of gaming headphones can be reasonably tiring especially with the VR headset. But our accessory guide also has an ideal option for that in the form of the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.

The physical structure of the Audio Strap is made up of a rigid plastic headband that has built-in headphones. It is much more convenient and comfortable than elastic straps which can stretch and cause an interruption in the gameplay, especially if you need to focus downwards for a length of time.

Best VR Accessories For HTC Vive

It Has Built-in Headphones

Although the Audio Strap does not have the best quality headphones, they do make up for it in convenience. They are extremely comfortable and can be accommodated to fit different ear positions and sizes. All you need to do is grab this pair and have a unique VR experience with the security and comfort this headgear provides.

Best VR Accessories For The Sony Playstation VR

The Playstation VR is by far, the most affordable VR system available in the market. Especially because of the fact that unlike the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, you do not need a high-end PC to play VR games with if you get a Playstation.

Although this is designed to make the gameplay as immersive as possible, equipped with its own audio system that can provide even sound in 3D and a mic with which you can communicate easily with other players. But there are still accessories that you can use with Playstation VR to take advantage of its whole potential and make it worth your while.

1. The Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

This Wireless Headset is officially designed by Sony for the PS4 and is ideal for VR. The performance quality is excellent and the look is cool and sleek making it a complete package. The price is not too high and it gives you 7.1 surround sound.

The headset is basically plug and play, and soon as you have your profile made, all it requires is the flick of a switch to get going. You don’t need to go through the hassle of making sure everything is plugged in etc so this is a pretty efficient audio option for VR Playstation users.

The Playstation Gold Wireless Headset

The headset can be used with other devices too, but if you are intending to use it with the PS4 in tandem with the PS VR, you won’t be facing any problems with the installation. There is also an option for wired connection but for VR users wireless is, of course, the preferred option. When it comes to battery, it is supposed to last up to eight hours in a single charge.

2. Playstation VR Aim Controller

You will be able to play a variety of shooter games on the Playstation VR. For the purpose to make those games even more interactive, Sony has introduced the Playstation Aim, which is essentially a gun-shaped controller, that has the features of the DualShock Controller.

Playstation VR Aim Controller

The Aim is similar to a rifle analog. It features a trigger, along with an analog stick. The remaining buttons are placed strategically for an enhanced gaming experience while using all the controls comfortably. The Aim is a very lightweight and easy to handle controller that will make your shooter games even more enjoyable.

3. Skywin Playstation VR Charging Display Stand

Skywin is a multi-functioning stand that showcases all your VR accessories. If you care about having a clean gaming area once you are done playing, then this is the accessory for you. Also, it is a charging stand that can also accommodate your headset so it is a must-have for any user.

Skywin Playstation VR Charging Display Stand

It might have the look of being very small, but it has enough space to store all your VR supplies. Its charging capacity is also pretty impressive, as you can charge two Move and Dual Shock controllers, and have a place for your console, along with placement of four devices on the extra USB ports.

It is an awesome accessory that can charge so many of your devices without an issue along with keeping your space clean and organized.

Best VR Accessories For Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is a basic VR headset that needs the power of your smartphone to function. Your phone will be the screen of the VR Gear, and it comes with special lenses attached on the headset for the complete VR experience. If you want to enjoy VR on a small budget, then this is a very good option.

When it comes to mobile VR, the Samsung Gear is the best option there is. Its capability and performance is unmatched and being a mobile VR it is extremely accessible and you can take it anywhere with you. The minor setback of it is that it comes with very small pieces that might get lost over time if you are not extra careful.

The additional accessories we have for this VR system are as follows:

1. Steelseries Stratus XL

One area that mobile VRs need assistance in is the controllers. The current version of the Gear has a handheld controller. But it is not enough for a totally interactive experience, so the Stratus XL is a very convenient replacement.

Best VR Accessories For Samsung Gear VR

It is pretty easy to use as it has the same features and build of any common controller, so gamers would not find it unfamiliar. It is also compatible with other devices so that is an added perk. What makes it even more useful, is that it is wireless and has Bluetooth connection. It is an enhancement which you will thoroughly enjoy.

2. Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera

Samsung Gear VR will allow you to view virtual content like pictures and videos. The 360 VR camera will take that experience to a much higher level. You will also be able to watch other users’ content on it. The Gear 360 will enable you to capture a video in a full 360-degree view. You can also make videos in 4k and then view them on your headset or any other supported device in the future. The quality of the videos won’t ever drop.

Samsung Gear 360 VR Camera

There are two cameras in the device so they are able to capture the front and rear view at the same time. It also stitched the two together for later viewing or sharing. It is portable being the perfect size and weight to fit in your pocket or purse.

When it comes to the battery the Gear 360 camera can last up to 130 minutes which is a pretty decent amount of time for any photography moments. The camera also has an expandable memory slot, compatible with a memory that goes up to 256GB for added storage.

3. Chromecast Ultra

As user might find it tiresome that they cannot share their experience upon a VR headset with their friends unless they also have VR headsets on.

Best VR Accessories For Samsung Gear VR

In order to get past this issue, Google’s Chromecast Ultra does a pretty awesome job. The tiny dongle can stream your VR experience to a TV in the vicinity and you can show your friends what the VR world looks like even if they don’t have a headset. This is something you can have hours of fun with including your friends and family.

Best VR Accessories Compatible With Any VR Device

1. Woojer Vest Pro Haptic Vest

The Woojer Haptic Vest will provide you with genuine VR immersion and will take your gaming to a new level entirely. The Vest uses sound and processes it into the feedback, best fitted to the game you are playing.

Woojer Vest Pro Haptic Vest

It is built with eight haptic zones that will give you all the sensations you ever thought possible and more. This device also has zero need for any setup preps and comes ready to use right out of the box. You will simply need to connect it via 3.5mm audio jack or Bluetooth and it is compatible with any VR system. The Vest is made up of easy to wear, high-quality breathable fabric so you won’t find it cumbersome while playing or watching some VR.

2. Hyperkin Polygon VR Protector Bag 

Once you get your VR headset, it would be wise to invest in a heavy-duty and secure carry case for it. The Hyperkin is perfect for this job. It can fit about any VR headset inside, with space remaining for your accessories.

Hyperkin Polygon VR Protector Bag 

It comes with additional protective padding and with several compartments, so there is enough security and space for your headset and accessories. Also, it has a four feet shoulder strap that is adjustable and fits comfortably to accommodate the heavy weight of your device. This is a must-have for any VR user, especially for the ones who are always on the go.

3. Leap Motion Controller

This controller is a very unique way of interacting with your PC. It allows you to control your PC with just hand gestures, so you can imagine it as an upgraded wireless mouse, that you can operate without touching.

Leap Motion

The controller looks like a plain small box, but it has infrared sensors within, which helps it transfer your hand gestures to the computer and then use them to control it. For activation, you simply need to plug the device to a USB port of your PC, then position it in front of the monitor, where your hands are in clear view. Once it is on, it will automatically download the required software and will also show you its online portal that contains compatible apps.

Its functions are very smooth and responsive and upgrade your experience of virtual reality up a notch. However, as it is a recently developed technology, not all developers have come on board with it and there is a limited number of games and apps that support it. Hopefully, that will change in the near future.

4. Nolo Motion Tracking Kit 

Motion Tracking is a major part of an incredible VR experience. Mobile VR lacked in this department, but not with the NOLO motion tracking kit, available now in the market.

Nolo Motion Tracking Kit 

From Mobile to PC this kit is compatible with any type of system. It is easy to set up and use. It offers a full-scale room tracking range with 6 degrees of freedom tracking. The whole kit is composed of only a few parts, with the Base Station, at its core. It comes with a couple of controllers that have hand tracking allow game control. There is also a headset marker with it which you can strap on for merging the real world into VR.

5. Inkeci VR Mask Disposable Face Cover

A sweaty face can be a bit of a problem during VR gaming, which is difficult to avoid with the headset on your face for long periods of time. The headsets do come with their own face covers, but when they become soiled, you rather wish for a hassle-free alternative which is the Inkeci VR Mask Disposable Face Cover.

Best VR Accessories

You can keep your headset fresh with these disposable face covers, and will also be able to share it with your friends or family. They are made with breathable and soft fabric and would not be causing any unease to the user. Along with your face, your headset also remains free from any foreign particle so it is a win-win situation.


If you have the best quality accessories, you can have the real experience of VR. Your gameplay or any other activity should be enhanced by the accessory you purchase, so choose wisely when investing in it. Our list is a pretty complete manual on which ones are the most appropriate, from the tech out in the market right now. Just keep in mind that the best accessories are those which stretch your VR experience to the limits, allow you to integrate real life in the VR world, do not break immersion and are comfortable and easy to use.

That is all for our Best VR Accessories guide. If you are interested in similar content then be sure to check out our guides on the best PSUs that you can buy right now and the best motherboards for AMD Ryzen 3900X and 3950X CPUs.

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