Callisto Credits are the in-game currency that you use to upgrade your gear in The Callisto Protocol. You do not get enough Callisto Credits and the upgrades for your gear are not cheap. So which upgrades should you get? In this Callisto Protocol guide, we go over the best upgrades that you should get first.

Best Upgrades In Callisto Protocol

We recommend getting the Baton upgrades first. Since ammo is going to run out, you will have to get up close and personal with enemies. That is where your Baton comes in handy. An upgraded Baton is going to be much better than the default one. Upgrading the weapon not only allows it to deal more damage but also unlocks additional perks and heavy attacks. Which you can use later on in the game. We recommend getting Riot Control Swing from the left skill tree and Blocking Protection from the middle skill tree.

Best Weapons Upgrades

The second upgrades that you should focus on are the ones for the weapons. We recommend getting all the weapon schematics that you can. Since the general ammo type is going to become rarer as you progress the game, having a variety of weapons is going to make survival easier. You should focus on upgrading damage and ammo capacity so that you do not have to reload your weapon as often. It goes without saying that dealing more damage is just better.

Best GRP Upgrades

After the Baton and weapons, you should focus on upgrading the GRP. This allows you to use telekinesis powers and is definitely worth investing in. These upgrades can be pretty expensive so we recommend going for the small and medium upgrades for GRP Velocity.

Health Items And Ammo

Health items and ammo should be the last things that you spend your Callisto Credits on. Be thorough when looting dead bodies and you should have enough health and ammo to survive. If you are in dire need then you can buy a few magazines of ammo. Spend on ammo only when you absolutely need to.

These are the best upgrades that you should get first in Callisto Protocol. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Callisto Protocol guides hub.

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