In Ghostrunner 2, you are given the opportunity to upgrade your character, Jack, with various upgrade chips. The upgrade chip system play a pivotal role in improving Jack’s combat abilities, making the gameplay experience smoother and more enjoyable. With a plethora of upgrade chips available in Ghostrunner 2, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to prioritize. This guide aims to provide insights into the best upgrade chips to unlock first, ensuring you get the most out of your gameplay.


Upgrade chips are essential components in Ghostrunner 2 that boost Jack’s abilities. They are purchased using the in-game currency, Data, which players earn by completing levels. Once acquired, these chips can be equipped at the GR Augmentation Unit located in the Interface Council HQ in Ghostrunner 2.

Best Upgrade Chips In Ghostrunner 2

Sword Chips

  • Smart Deflect: This chip allows deflected projectiles to return to their origin, making it easier to counter enemies.
  • Blade Coating: With this, players can block laser attacks from Scorchman and Chook.
  • Short Circuit: A perfect-parry will electrocute surrounding enemies.
  • Sharpened Blade: Allows players to slash through blocking enemies at the cost of 40% stamina.

System Chips

  • Tactical Overlay: Highlights enemies in red, making them easier to spot.
  • Smooth Moves: Makes performing a perfect-parry and deflecting projectiles significantly easier.
  • Ultimate Booster I & II: Enhances the level of your ultimate abilities.

Traversal Chips

  • Hydraulics Adjustment: Reduces the stamina cost of dashing by 15%.
  • Ghost Thrusters: Grants invulnerability to projectiles and melee attacks during combat dashes, though it increases stamina consumption by 10%.
  • Tactical Retreat: Dashing backward propels the player into the air.

Shuriken Chips

  • Oiled Machinery: Reduces the energy cost of the shuriken skill by 20%.
  • Tracking System: Enhances accuracy with the shuriken skill.
  • Gap-Blinker: Enables players to teleport to a stunned enemy.
  • Shuriken Charger: Electrifies nearby enemies within a small range, though it increases the energy consumption of the shuriken skill by 50%.

Flow Chips

  • Flow Stamina Regen: Fully regenerates stamina when the combo reaches x6.
  • Flow Surge: Allows players to launch a Surge projectile with the primary attack upon reaching a x6 combo.
  • Flow Booster: Each combo boosts movement speed by 5%.

Tempest Chips

  • Custom Pressure Chamber: Reduces the energy cost of the tempest skill by 20%.
  • Proximity Shield: Pushes away nearby enemies and projectiles.
  • Pressure Booster: Allows players to rocket-jump using the environment.

Shadow Chips

  • Shadow Booster: Increases speed by 40% when the shadow skill is active during combat.
  • Advanced Hologram Projector: Reduces the energy cost of the shadow skill by 20%.
  • Teleporter: Teleports players back to the hologram’s position upon getting hit.

Rootkit Chips

  • Energy Absorption: Uses available energy to perform actions during combat when out of stamina. However, it decreases stamina regeneration by 10%.
  • Tactical Switch: Reduces the energy cost of unused skills by 40%. The most recently used skill will cost 100% more energy.

It’s essential to understand that the term ‘best’ is subjective. The ideal strategy is to tailor the shuriken, tempest, and shadow chips according to your gameplay style. For instance, if you frequently use the shuriken, it would be wise to invest Data in unlocking the related upgrade chips.