Welcome, fellow adventurers, to our exclusive guide on the best swords in GreedFall. Today, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to unearth the absolute best blades this enthralling RPG has to offer. Prepare to delve into a realm of relentless combat and strategic warfare as we showcase the crème de la crème of GreedFall’s sword arsenal.


From razor-sharp edges that slice through armor like butter to enchantments that unleash devastating magical abilities, our meticulously curated list will empower you to dominate the battlefield and emerge victorious. Join us as we reveal the best swords that will transform you into an unstoppable force in the world of GreedFall.

Sacrificial Sword

One of the standout swords in GreedFall is the Sacrificial Sword, renowned for its unique abilities and strategic advantages. This exceptional weapon is designed to minimize armor damage, making it particularly effective against lower-level adversaries or as a tactical switch during the final stages of intense battles.

Best Swords in GreedFall Sacrificial Sword

While it may not boast significant additional damage, the Sacrificial Sword compensates with its stunning capabilities and upgrades in physical damage. Notably, it provides a remarkable 25% boost to the attack power at the cost of a slight drop in the fury bar. Obtaining this weapon requires the completion of the “Origins of Theleme” quest, which sets players on a thrilling journey to a cave located on the eastern side of Vedvilvie. Conquer the formidable boss guarding the cave entrance, and you shall claim this legendary sword as your hard-earned reward.

High King Vinbarr’s Sword

This legendary blade, once wielded by the former high king himself, has rightfully earned its place among the best swords in GreedFall. However, getting it will not come without a price. Players must defeat the high king, which is part of the main story questline.

Best Swords in GreeFall High King Vinbarr's Sword

High King Vinbarr’s Sword stands tall as a symbol of unparalleled might, boasting extraordinary physical and armor damage that few adversaries can withstand. With its remarkable stun damage capacity, even if it doesn’t deliver a decisive blow, it opens up opportunities for devastating follow-up attacks. Unleash the power of this legendary weapon and witness the battlefield tremble beneath your feet.

Broadsword Of The Deceased King

Broadsword of the Deceased King, a two-handed weapon deserves to be on our list of best swords in GreedFall. This sword leaves no room for compromise, boasting near-top-tier damage statistics and the ability to stun opponents with every strike.

Best Swords in GreedFall Broadsword of the Deceased King

To get the Broadsword of the Deceased King, players must complete the “Champion of the Arena” side quest.

Forgotten Grand Sabre Of Al Saad

The Al Saad’s Forgotten Grand Sabre packs a serious punch, but it’s not the quickest weapon out there. If you’re all about maximizing damage with a single swing, this is the weapon for you. Just be prepared to get used to its heavy swings, as they take some getting used to. It’s no surprise that everyone’s in a rush to get their hands on it since it boasts the highest base damage in the whole game.

Best Swords in GreedFall Forgotten Grand Sabre of Al Saad

The best part? You don’t have to wander off the beaten path to snag this beast. Once you defeat Nadaig Meneimen in the late stages of the game, it’s yours for the taking.

Great Honour Duel Flambage

While there are a few weapons with higher physical damage, none can match the Great Honour Duel Flamberge’s exceptional armor-piercing ability. Breaking through the defenses of a well-prepared enemy can be incredibly frustrating in the game. This unique quality alone makes the Great Honour Duel Flamberge one of the top-tier weapons to have.

Best Swords in GreeFall Great Honour Duel Flambage

To find it, players need to venture west of Magasvar until they reach a spring. Complete the boss fight against Nadaig Vedemen. Without this weapon, battles become stamina-draining struggles as players relentlessly hack and slash their way through the boss’s tough hide.

Grand Sabre of the Far East

The Grand Sabre of the Far East is a magnificent weapon that outshines almost every other in the game, thanks to its exceptional design in Greedfall. But it’s not just about looks; this weapon boasts impressive stats that make nearly every other weapon pale in comparison. With the second-highest damage output, it reigns supreme when it comes to stun damage.

Best Swords in GreedFall Grand Sabre of the Far East

To get Grand Sabre of the Far East, players need to have a good relationship with the Nauts. This involves seeking out the admiral in New Seren, completing her tasks, and earning a respected reputation among their ranks. By doing so, players will eventually be rewarded with the Grand Sabre, a true prize worth the effort.

That’s the end our list for the best swords in GreedFall. Have your own picks? Let us know in the comments below.