Since the release of Stray, the game is quite famous since then. It is a game based on third-person in which a start cat is lost and you complete specific adventures and save the cat. To increase the in-game experience, PC gamers can play Stray in different mods. In this guide, we will explain the Best Stray Mods 2022 that you can use on a PC.

Best Stray Mods 2022

There are different mods that are available for the player on PC; the best ones are

  • Garfield mod
  • Customizable Cats mod
  • Jason Stray Mod
  • Dogs mod
  • First-person mod

Before you change mods it is better to back up the Stray folder to reverse the change if you don’t like it and want to switch back to the original mod.

How to install mods

All of these mods are for PC users; Xbox and PlayStation users can’t switch to different mods. There are two methods through which you can install the mods of your choice in Stray.

First Method: From Steam, follow these steps

  • Click on the Stray folder
  • Open Hk_project folder
  • The content folder
  • Next, go to the Pak folder
  • In the Pak folder, create a new folder with the name  ~mods.
  • Replace the mod that you downloaded in this folder.

Second Method:  Fir this installation method, find the path where the game Stray is installed. In most cases that will be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stray\Hk_project\Content\Paks, in that folder create a new one and paste the downloaded mod that you want to play.

Before making any changing, make sure there is a backup of the original file. In case you want things to be original you don’t have to reinstall the whole game.

 Garfield Stray Mod

When it comes to cat the first name that comes into mind is Garfield. Playing the game as Garfield is a whole new experience. To change mod to Garfield mod, download the files from the steam under the name WindowsNoEditor_Garfield file and extract it into the Pak folder.

Customizable Cats mod

The most interesting one is for those users who have a pet cat. They can customize the cat into their own pet; there are plenty of mods that can resemble your pet in the game. There are two options available for customization of photoshop templates in which you can change the color or paint the cat that afterward is pasted into the desired folder.

The other method allows you to add more detail rather than just coloring. The whole set of the mod is visible here.

Jason Stary Mod

This mod is to entertain. In this mod, the meows and purrs are replaced by shouting Elan voice, who is famous for its meme in heavy rain. This mod is not kept for the whole game but just for a try.

Dog mod In Stray

you can also choose to play as a puppy in the game Stray. It’s a bit weird because it will be a puppy that meows and climbs up places too. But this mod is still interesting because not all people like cats. Its installation is basic as that of Garfield. Just download the file under the name Hk_project-WindowsNoEditor_HappyPuppy and paste it into the desired Pak folder.

First Person Mod In Stray

By default Stray is a third-person game but if you want to see it as a cat, then this is the mod for you. It also involves the basic installation if you wish to switch to this mod.

This is all you need to know about Best Stray Mods 2022 and their installation. Need to know more, visit Memory Locations, Plant Locations, and Energy Drinks Locations.

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