Just like Pokemon games, Temtem gives you 3 Starter Temtem to choose from. Each of the Starter Temtem has its unique strengths and weaknesses, therefore, it’s a good idea to make an informed decision. Our Starter Temtem Guide will discuss all 3 of them in detail to help you choose the best one.

Which Starter Temtem to Choose?

Before we start, one of the biggest differences between Temtem and Pokemon is the ability to find all Starter Temtem out in the wild. This way, you aren’t really stuck with only one starter. 3 Starter Temtem in the game are:

  1. Crystle
  2. Smazee
  3. Houchic

Each of these Temtem represents a different type in the game. Having a strong team that can go toe to toe against a majority of Temtem types can go a long way when it comes to winning battles. Let’s discuss Starter Temtem one by one:

1. Crystle
Pretty powerful when pitted against Electric and Mental types, Crystle belongs to Crystal type. It can soak up a lot of damage, thanks to its high DEF stats and HP. But it isn’t a pushover when it comes to its ATK stats. Crystle evolves into Sherald at Level 30.

  • HP: 60
  • SPD: 33
  • STA: 41
  • ATK: 61
  • DEF: 69
  • SP. ATK: 46
  • SP. DEF: 42

2. Smazee
Being a Melee type, Smazee is incredibly strong when pitted against Earth and Crystal types but struggles against Mental and Digital Temtem types. It’s decent SPD and ATK stats but generally lacks DEF and SP. ATK/DEF. Smazee evolves into Baboong at Level 30.

  • HP: 49
  • SPD: 66
  • STA: 51
  • ATK: 69
  • DEF: 44
  • SP. ATK: 37
  • SP. DEF: 37

3. Houchic
Houchic in Temtem is a Mental type that’s good against Neutral and Melee types. Boasting incredible SPD and SP. ATK stats, it can be a valuable addition to any team composition. However, it severely lacks DEF stats, something you’ll need to bear in mind. Houchic evolves into Tental at Level 30.

  • HP: 38
  • SPD: 66
  • STA: 44
  • ATK: 40
  • DEF: 41
  • SP. ATK: 72
  • SP. DEF: 52

Best Temtem to Choose

Which one is the best Starter Temtem in the game? The answer to this question is what you’re looking to get out of your team composition. Since you can always find all 3 Starter Temtem out in the wild, it makes sense to go with the one that you like the most.

Crystal is a Temtem that you’ll encounter quite a lot in the early hours of the game so there isn’t any reason to go with it unless you feel like it. Another reason to avoid Crystle is its high stamina cost and lacks when it comes to speed.

I’d recommend going with something like Houchic or Smazee because both of them pack a punch. They can output quite a lot of damage for low stamina costs, which makes them fairly valuable for a variety of teams.

Houchic can also get Hypnosis that allows it to deal damage to sleeping enemies without waking them, which can be huge if you pair it with another Temtem that has Soft Touch. In addition to this, during the early game, you’ll come across a ton of Neutral and Melee types who are weak against Houchic by a considerable margin.

Another thing that I’d advise everyone to take into consideration is which Temtem they find the cutest. There isn’t any reason to go with a Temtem if you can’t stand it. Of course, this is all subjective but Smazee looks the cutest – no second opinions about it.

This is all about our recommendations for choosing the best Starter Temtem in the game. Which one did you go with, be sure to let us know!

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