Starfield players are bestowed with the mystique of Starborn Powers, a unique blend of space magic and abilities. Whether you’re gearing up for intense combat or charting unknown territories in exploration, these powers, unlocked through sacred temples, are your key to mastering the game. From harnessing the Anti-Gravity Field through an intriguing Anomaly quest to gathering inorganic resources with ease, this guide offers a deep dive into the best Starborn abilities in Starfield.


Best Starborn Power In Starfield For Combat And Exploration

Let’s first talk about the best Starborn powers for combat.

1. Reactive Shield

  • Power Cost: 35 (Temple: Tau)
  • Description: Envelop yourself in a metastable shell of antimatter that reflects projectiles and bolsters your resistance to attacks. Its long duration and the ability to reflect projectiles make it a top-tier choice for combat.
Reactive Shield Starborn ability in Starfield.

2. Life Forced

  • Power Cost: 25 (Temple: Pi)
  • Description: Drain the life force from a living being, transferring it to yourself. This power not only damages enemies but also heals you, making it a versatile choice in combat scenarios.

3. Grav Dash II

  • Power Cost: 15 (Temple: Zeta)
  • Description: Manipulate gravity to propel yourself forward, amplifying any damage you inflict. This power enhances mobility and can be used both offensively and defensively.

4. Gravity Wave

  • Power Cost: 25 (Temple: Beta)
  • Description: Launch a gravity wave that staggers or knocks down opponents. Especially useful for melee builds, it provides both a ranged attack option and a defensive mechanism.
Gravity Wave Starborn Power in Starfield.

Now with these out of the way, let’s jump into the best Starnborn powers for exploration.

1. Personal Atmosphere II

  • Power Cost: 45 (Temple: Alpha)
  • Description: Create an oxygen-rich zone around you. This power is invaluable in oxygen-deprived areas, allowing for enhanced mobility and exploration.
Personal Atmosphere Starborn Power in Starfield.

2. Creators’ Peace

  • Power Cost: 25 (Temple: Nu)
  • Description: Pacify all nearby enemies and disarm them. This power can be a lifesaver in populated areas, preventing unintended conflicts.
Creators' Peace Starborn Power in Starfield.

3. Precognition

  • Power Cost: 35 (Temple: Iota)
  • Description: Peer into the multiverse to foresee future actions and dialogues. This power shines in NPC interactions, offering insights into potential dialogue outcomes.
Precognition Starborn Power in Starfield.

4. Eternal Harvest

  • Power Cost: 25 (Temple: Lambda)
  • Description: Regenerate harvested flora in your vicinity. A boon for gatherers, this power can double the harvest yield on a planet.
Eternal Harvest Starborn Power in Starfield.

5. Elemental Pull

  • Power Cost: 25 (Temple: Psi)
  • Description: Blast and draw inorganic resources towards you. This power accelerates resource gathering and can access hard-to-reach nodes.
Elemental Pull Starborn Power in Starfield.


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