In God Of War: Ragnarok you need to split the XP that you earn between unlocking skills and upgrading runic attacks. You will not have a lot of XP in the early stages of the game so deciding what to unlock first can get a bit tricky. In this God Of War: Ragnarok guide, we cover the best skills that you should unlock first.

Best Skills To Get Early In God Of War: Ragnarok

The following are the skills that we recommend unlocking early on in God Of War: Ragnarok;

Glacial Rake – Leviathan Axe

You can hold R1 to drag the Leviathan Axe on the ground to create ice shards that move toward enemies and hit them with frost damage. This is a fast attack that can hit multiple enemies at the same time.

Hyperion Grapple – Blades of Chaos

This is the skill that we recommend you get early on for the Blades of Chaos. Using this skill allows Kratos to impale an enemy and then launch himself toward the enemy stunning on impact. If the enemy is in the air then it will be slammed into the ground.

Serpent’s Snare – Leviathan Axe

This is the second skill that we can recommend for the Leviathan Axe. It allows Kratos to use an enemy as a bomb that deals damage to surrounding enemies on impact.

Permafrost – Leviathan Axe

Permafrost imbues the Leviathan Axe with frost as long as you do not get hit. This allows you to deal more damage with each hit.

Vengeful Sickle – Leviathan Axe

This is a charged ranged attack that deals multiple hits to enemies.

Blazing Explosion – Blades of Chaos

This increases the impact of your ranged heavy attack.

Immolation – Blades of Chaos

This is Permafrost for the Blades of Chaos. It allows Kratos to deal more damage with each hit with the Blades of Chaos without getting hit.

Watchful Protector – Atreus

When you are surrounded by enemies, Atreus will agro them. This will take some of the pressure off Kratos. Atreus does not have a lot of skills at the start of the game but his skill tree does grow as you progress through the game.

These are some of the best skills that we recommend getting early on in God Of War: Ragnarok. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our beginner’s guide for some helpful tips and tricks. You can also check out our guide on how to transmog armor.

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