In V Rising, one of the key ways to become more powerful is to develop both your magic and vampire abilities. Magic skills can be instrumental in the game’s PvP aspect, as they can help you control the elementals and resist damage. However, all skills are essential in becoming a more powerful vampire.

Abilities such as health revival, resistance, damage lowering, and movement speed will help you become the most powerful vampire in the land. Therefore, it is crucial to develop all of your abilities to their full potential. With a well-rounded skill set, you will be able to take on any challenges that come your way. Below is the list of the Best PvP Magic Abilities:

  • Arctic Leap
  • Spectral Guardian
  • Summon Fallen Angel
  • Purgatory
  • Sanguine Coil
  • Wisp Dance
  • Power Surge
  • Chaos Volley

Arctic Leap

Arctic Leap is a powerful Frost ability that lets you leap into the air, and You can use this spell to damage a target location, causing magic damage. It’s a remarkable ability to take down powerful enemies or quickly reposition yourself in battle. You can unlock Arctic Leap by defeating Terrorclaw the Ogre.

Spectral Guardian

The Spectral Guardian is a powerful ally that Illusionists can summon. This fearsome creature attacks enemies with mighty swings and protects allies with a shield. Further, The Spectral Guardian is incredibly tough and can take a lot of damage before falling. To Unlock this ability, Illusionists must defeat Terah the Geomancer.

Summon Fallen Angel

The Ultimate Ability of the Unholy affinity is “Summon Fallen Angel.” This ability allows the player to summon a fallen angel to fight alongside them in battle. The fallen angel can inflict amplified damage with its attacks. This ability can be unlocked by defeating Solarus the Immaculate.


Purgatory is a powerful ability with both offensive and defensive capabilities. It summons a pillar of energy that slows down foes and cures allies when activated. After a few seconds, the pillar will explode, dealing magic damage to enemies and healing allies. Christina, the Sun Priestess, is the only opponent who can drop this ability, making it a prized possession for those who want to master the Unholy affinity.

Sanguine Coil

Sanguine Coil is a powerful ability that utilizes the power of blood to deal damage and heal at the same time. When used, a projectile is launched, which etches a bloody sigil on impact. This sigil will then deal magic damage over time to the enemy while also leeching their health and transferring it to the caster. This makes Sanguine Coil incredibly useful for offensive purposes, but it can also be used to heal allies or even oneself quickly. To unlock this ability, one must first defeat Meredith the Bright Arch.

Wisp Dance

The primary ability of Wisp Dance summons three wisps that circle you, dealing magic damage to enemies. Recasting the ability launches all three wisps as projectiles, reducing the target’s damage output. To unlock the ability, defeat Gorecrusher the Behemoth.

Power Surge

The Power Surge ability is a great way to protect your allies and yourself from adverse effects. It removes all negative effects and applies a shield to the target, preventing them from taking damage. The shield also increases the target’s movement and attack speed, making it easier to take down enemies. To unlock this ability, you’ll need to defeat Azariel the Sunbringer.

Chaos Volley

Chaos Volley is the primary ability of the Chaos affinity in V Rising. To unlock it, players must defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer. It unleashes two Chaos Bolts in quick succession, each of which does magic damage and afflicts the target with Chaos Burn.

That’s everything you need to know about the best PvP Skills in V Rising. Need more help? See Vincent the Frostbringer Boss Fights, Beatrice the Tailor Boss Fight.

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