Pets can be a valuable asset to your team in Darkest Dungeon 2. Not only do they provide various benefits like healing, buffing, and debuffing, but they also help protect your heroes from damage. When selecting a pet, it’s important to consider your play style and the specific needs of your team. With careful planning, pets can greatly contribute to your success on your journey.


How to get pets in darkest dungeons 2

You can get pets in Darkest Dungeons 2 from these places:

  • Hamlet
  • Stagecoach
  • Curios
  • Buy from Guildmaster

Type Of pets in Darkest Dungeon 2

There are a total of five classes from which you can select the pet. Each pet offers different advantages depending on the type.

  • Damage: Pets that specialize in dealing damage to enemies.
  • Healing: Pets that have the ability to heal your heroes.
  • Buffing: Pets that enhance your heroes’ abilities, making them stronger and more resistant to damage.
  • Debuffing: Pets that weaken enemies, making them more vulnerable to damage.
  • Support: Pets that provide various forms of support, such as creating light or providing scouting information.

Best Pets in Darkest Dungeon 2 ( From Worst To Best)

On the basis of ranking here is a list of pets from worst, average, and best.


Worst Pets

Hatchling crocodilian

Hatchling crocodilian

This pet gives a 2% damage buff to a hero each time they move during combat. It also has a 20% chance of reducing the hero’s speed. While the buff is low and situational, it can be beneficial for teams that heavily rely on movement-based skills. However, it may not be effective in most fights and has a significant downside.

Crimson tick

This pet provides a 5% chance to produce blood every time your team secures a killing blow. The blood is a consumable that offers a speed token, strength token, crit token, and stress to the target of your choice. It is particularly useful for high-damage dealers in tough fights, allowing them to potentially one-shot enemies.

Larval carrion eater

This pet activates upon killing a corpse and provides a 15 heal and a block token. While killing corpses is generally not recommended, this pet can be useful in situations where healing is scarce or when running a team without a dedicated healer. It becomes even better when combined with the general’s trophy, which enhances corpse-killing abilities.

Shrieker chick

This pet grants +2% party crit for each piece of scouting gear equipped. It synergizes well with the current game mechanics, as scouting gear is highly sought after. Additionally, the pet provides an extra two bobbles whenever loot is obtained, which includes stagecoach repair and reduced trinket prices. This combination of buffs and additional loot makes it a valuable pet, categorized as universally useful.


Good pets

Unnatural owlet

This pet grants +5% diva piercing for each tinker’s gear equipped. While diva piercing is not a particularly strong bonus, the pet’s other benefit is the production

Reanimated rabbit

This pet increases Max HP by +1 for every four food items and provides +1 speed for each food gear equipped. The scaling of Max HP can be significant when equipped with the right food gear set, such as ice boxes and barrels. However, without the necessary food gear, the benefits are limited. It falls into the situational tier due to its dependency on specific equipment.

Orphan wolf cub

This pet grants a 5% party-wide stress resistance for each luxury gear item equipped. It also provides a significant 10% boost to the positive relationship chance, which is higher than any stagecoach equipment items. The pet’s effects persist throughout the game, making it a universally useful pet that can be slotted into any team composition.

Best Pets

Pygmy Pliskin

This pet offers a +5% traveling heal for each piece of medical gear equipped. Additionally, it randomly heals a hero by 5% after each location. Due to its powerful healing ability for heroes, it is considered one of the best pets in Darkest Dungeon 2 for most situations.


Misalagonist Slime

This pet interacts with specific Stagecoach equipment types and provides a 5% increase to debuff resist for each road gear equipped. It also increases the chance to loot items from random debris piles. The debuff resist bonus is not particularly valuable, but the ability to obtain extra loot throughout the run makes it useful, especially considering the limitations of other pet rewards.

Shamblers spawn (baby sham)

This pet reduces scouting by 100% but allows you to equip any number of cultist trinkets without sacrificing two slots. It also provides +200 scouting for cultist encounters. The downside of losing scouting is significant, but for players who focus on cultist-related strategies, this pet offers immense benefits. It is placed in the top tier due to its potential to dominate the game with the right rolls.