In Multiversus, Harley Quinn is one the most popular character with some advanced moves. Harley Quinn belongs to the Assasin type because of her fast moves, and her attacks involve combos. When you are playing 1v1, Harley Quinn can seem quite weak, but with the best perk combinations, you have a chance to turn things around. This guide will help you choose the best perks for Harley Quinn in Multiversus.

Best Perks for Harley Quinn

First, let’s see the best weapons set type you need for Harley Quinn in Multiversus. You can choose either of the possible perks.

  • 1 Signature Perk
  • 1 Defense Perk
  • 2 Offense Perk

Best Signature Perk

For Harley, the best signature perk is listed below

  • Glove Control 
    • Allows you to aim your boxer ringer more accurately

other than Glove control, you can also choose from these two, but I would suggest you opt for glove control and inflict more damage.

  • Smooth Moves
    • This makes evasion easy
  • Confetti Explosion
    • cause passive damage to opponents

Best Defense Perk

Harley belongs to the Assasin class and causes 14% more damage to the enemies but takes the same amount of damage too. So it’s better that, as defense, you use Slippery Customer that allows Harley to dodge attacks.

Best Offense Perks

The Best Offense perks you can choose for Harley Quinn in Multiversus are

  • That’s Flammable, Doc!
    • Your team can ignite the enemy for one second by doing melee attacks on enemies for three seconds.
  • Triple Jump
    • This perk adds one more jump after that allows Harley to initiate attacks and combos while she is still in the air.

This is all you need to know about Best Perks for Harley Quinn in Multiversus. Need to know more, visit Best Perks for Steven in MultiVersusHow to Get Gold Fast in MultiVersus and How to Toast Players in MultiVersus.

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